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Reiki for Animals
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Hands-on Reiki Treatments

Hands-on treatments are best described as a way to physically connect with healing life force energy, in order to move "stuck" energy into a "flowing" state. Once your energy flows uninterrupted, a state of optimum health becomes present, balance is restored and healing occurs on every level. A Hands-on treatment consists of Reiki hands gently placed and held in a precise pattern on the front and back of the body for 60 minutes, while relaxing on a comfortable Reiki table.


 Reiki is a healing process, therefore it is recommended to begin with a series of at least 4 treatments. With each treatment, a new energetic layer surfaces, by applying Reiki, the stuck energy within the layer gets removed. Reiki directs itself to the source of ailments, which results in alleviating the symptoms.


Distant Reiki Treatment

Distant Reiki Treatments receive their healing ability from the Reiki practitioner firstly connecting with the energetic body of the person, animal, place or situation. Once contact is made, the healing energy moves to the physical body, working at the source of ailments to remove energetic blocks. You can be anywhere, doing anything, to partake in a Distant Treatment, although one often prefers to be home relaxing or as they retire for the evening. It's truly convenient to reap the beneficial rewards of Distant Treatments in todays world, where we go from busy to busier.

Reiki Therapy

The variety of uses for Distant Reiki Treatments are many; healing people and animals on every level, bringing clarity to situations and relationships, removing blocked energy from homes, automobiles, land and places, improved job performance, discernment when purchasing and selling homes, and more.

Distant Treatments are extremely beneficial when Hands-on Treatments are not possible, for instance, undergoing surgery. The value of receiving healing energy while in surgery is priceless. Of the many opportunities I've had to send Distant Reiki Treatments to folks having surgery, the results were encouraging . In average, the surgeries were normally shorter than expected, recovery time less and smaller doses of pain medications were needed. The instances I provided Distant Treatments for women during childbirth, had very favorable outcomes.


After purchasing your desired number of Distant Reiki Treatments, email to schedule your Distant Reiki Treatments.

Prices are reduced when you prepay for a series of treatments,
encouraging you to obtain optimum and lasting results.

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Diane Larson of Seattle City Reiki is located at;

University District

The University Health Clinic
at Seattle Healing Arts Center
6300-9th Ave NE #310
Seattle, WA, 98115

West Seattle

Nurture by Nature
6307 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA,

Seattle City Reiki 808-385-4661
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