Does Disease Originate in Childhood?

Often my clients and I discover the origin of their disease or unwanted symptoms can be traced back to childhood trauma, abuse and/or intense emotional upsets. As children we don't have the "tools" to protect ourselves emotionally so we, like little sponges, soak up the good, the bad and the ugly. The internalization of these heavy and at times fearful emotions compile through the years as we learn to suppress them in creative and unrelenting ways. Alas we now have a surplus of emotional blocked energy just dying to escape, and it does, it always does. The escape takes form in the surfacing of this heavy emotional blocked energy and manifests on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels creating dis-ease, ailments and symptoms on any or all of these levels.

Although at any point in a persons or animals life where trauma, abuse and/or intense emotional upsets occur emotional blocked energy is formed thus initiating the start of disease, ailments and symptoms, but the advantage as adults is we've developed "coping" tools to reflect the emotional upsets more effectively outward, away from us. Now this is where Reiki comes in handy. Reiki's sole mission is to discover and remove this (emotional) blocked energy always working at the source of the disease, ailments and symptoms. Reiki heals the "cause" eliminating the "effect", bringing a person/animal back into balance, as the immeasurable energetic blocks create imbalances of all sorts, and in turn allows self healing to occur. An added benefit is Reiki can remove blocked energy before it manifests into disease, ailments and symptoms, here it becomes more of an energetic maintenance tool. ~In Reiki we find more often than not it is emotional blocked energy which is the root cause for disease, ailments and symptoms.~

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