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The Complete Reiki Formula

The Complete Reiki Formula


Ensuring the continuation of the Usui Shiki Ryoho practice, the system is composed of four aspects and nine elements. The aspects assist Reiki practitioners in the conscious knowledge of the practice of Reiki. The elements are the container that holds the gift of this practice.


The Four Aspects are:


Healing Practice.  The first aspect of the practice of Reiki is physical healing, of the practitioner and others. This healing can be through the direct hand positions, or in the form of distant treatments.


Personal Development.  Healing means to make whole, and this wholeness encompasses more than just physical healing. As healing moves beyond that of physical healing, the practice of Reiki facilitates emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, which is essential to personal development.


Spiritual Discipline.  The practice of Reiki touches all parts of the practitioner, and we gradually move beyond the psychological outline. Those things which do not serve us are burned away. We develop a wider relationship with the spiritual self and others, and all that is.


Mystic Order.  Reiki promotes deeper understanding and awareness of the spiritual discipline. Connection with the Reiki energy is connection with all of life. This understanding awakens us to the sense of mystery, and the contact with that which is more than, and beyond, us personally. The experience, we find ourselves drawn into community. Thus, the mystic order is this community of people that practice Reiki.



The Nine Elements, equal in importance, are:


History.  The history is an oral tradition. Much cannot be verified. The history of the Reiki is part of the history of each Reiki practitioner.


Class Form. Everything a student experiences in a Reiki class is interpreted as being part of Reiki. Thus, classes should be kept clean of non-essential elements, and as simple as possible. The three sections of the class form are initiations, teaching, and practice.


Initiations. This is a ritual that opens and assures the space of communion (becoming one) with all that is. Initiation is a tool for a specific purpose. Holding this tool in its rightful place is an obligation of mastery.


Symbols. These are the doorway that brings one into a specific relationship with Reiki. They are tools for self-exploration and for going deeper with Reiki. These symbols are held sacredly and privately.


Oral Tradition. The essence of oral tradition is the personal contact, the presence of a master and a student. It allows an energetic transfer of the teaching, on many levels. All time spent by a master with students is part of the living oral tradition. The teacher is the living embodiment of the Usui system.


Treatment. The hand positions of the basic treatment has a “roundness”, a sense of completeness. It is an energetic pattern of treatment that stimulates healing movement in the person that is being treated.


Money. A part of the path, and a part of the form. Giving money is a sacred act, and is a means for the student to find their practice.


Spiritual Lineage. The oral tradition and sacred initiation rituals have been transmitted and held by the Grand Masters Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, and Phyllis Furumoto. The practitioners of Reiki hold this lineage with respect.


Spiritual Precepts. While treatments and initiations flow into the body, the spiritual precepts flow into the mind. The precepts are not so much rules of living, but a way to stimulate the question of how we live. The precepts stimulate this questioning, and give us impetus to grow in our natural evolution. Treatments and precepts together honor who I am and what serves me, and remind us of how we could possibly be.


~The Complete Reiki Formula was created Ms. Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the Fourth Grand Master and current Lineage Bearer of Reiki.~

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