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Client & Student Testimonials

Unexplained Thumb Swelling Healed

"My 15 year old son had been complaining that his left thumb was swollen. When I looked at it, the swelling was unusual - hard and turgid. He was both losing feeling and having pain. I took him to his doctor who was baffled and ordered x-rays. There was no dislocation or embolisms, and we were then referred to a hand specialist. She too was scratching her head over it - had never seen anything like it and wanted to run it by her colleagues. That night, Diane gave Nick a distant reiki treatment. The next morning the swelling was reduced by half! The pain began receding and the feeling to come back. When she phoned Nick to tell him what she found, he exclaimed 'she pinpointed every area of my body that had pain' - his jaw being one we had seen a doctor about earlier. Now he's back to playing lacrosse - and no more visits to specialists.
I'm convinced Diane has a special gift in her healing abilities. We were the glad recipients of it!"


Nancy Gerber

Seattle, Washington

Reiki Heals Knee After Four Surgeries



"I recently broken my knee cap twice (on the same leg) in the past year and I could not have made the progress I have without treatments from Diane. I have had 4 surgeries on that knee and there is a stark difference in my recovery when I had Diane do Distant Reiki treatments during surgery. My healing time was much quicker on the surgeries when she performed distant treatments. I noticed that I was less anxious prior to the surgery as well as the day of the operation since I knew the Reiki would help heal and protect me. My need for pain meds was greatly diminished, generally only lasting a few days when the doctors indicated a week or two. Reiki was introduced to me during my injury and has been an intense part of my finding balance and healing during a traumatic injury. I do not anticipate needing any further surgeries but one thing is for sure I will not go through another surgery without having Diane perform a distant Reiki treatment."

Jan Whipple

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Clears the Clutter


"Diane’s description of Reiki helping to clear what we no longer need sparked something in me right away. I’m not sure I was even conscious of it. But walking back into my home after that first day of First Degree Reiki training I noticed so many things in there that no longer really had any meaning or purpose, and were just there because they had always been.

It started that evening, and in the past two months I have de-cluttered my home of probably a third of its contents with no regrets. I am aware that I am not finished with this project. I had never stopped to think that removing common everyday things like books, movies, clothes, shoes, furniture, dishes and linens could make a difference. It did.

Cleansing and clearing my home together with daily self- treatments have resulted in things being just a little bit sharper for me: intuition, focus, priorities, and a very welcome decrease in my overall stress. I think that means some internal cleansing is going on, too. This has been a very meaningful time for me. I am grateful to have discovered Reiki and my new Reiki friends."

Jennifer B.,
Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

 Helps to Conceive


"My Reiki story began when I took my First Degree class with Diane in September of 2011. I was going through many changes at that time: giving up coffee, and the decision to start a family were 2 major themes in my life at the time. My Reiki hands helped me through the headaches of quitting caffeine. I was impressed immediately. Not even Advil would touch those! After that I discovered for myself that Reiki was an amazing pain reliever. Pain relievers in pill form became a thing of the past, menstrual cramps, gone! In fact I kept my Reiki hands on my abdomen for many months (not just for a week out of it) in hopes to conceive my first child.
As it happens, the way of Reiki works for the higher good, and many things arose that required my immediate attention. Baby would have to wait.
After I took care of business, I decided to call Diane for a boost! I booked four Reiki treatments with her in early May. Two hands on, two distant treatments. After the second hands on treatment, we looked at each other and knew... Something had shifted... Three weeks later I got the news I was waiting for: I was pregnant! Four months in to my pregnancy, I use Reiki on myself daily, and on my growing baby, and I'm feeling wonderful!
I attribute much of the success of my conceiving to the healing, transformative power of Reiki, and to Diane's amazing light and her conduit of Reiki's healing energy."


Erin D.

Haiku, HI

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Back to Jogging after Torn Cartilage in Knee


“I first experienced Reiki a couple years back, when I was having a knee issue stemming from a previous injury of a torn meniscus on my right knee. I had attempted to mitigate the pain over the years with gentle massage and ice packs as need, but to no real recovery. I sought the services of Diane Larson, as she had been highly recommended to me, for her Reiki therapy. The session was very serene and peaceful.   I began to feel great warmth radiating from her palms as she proceeded with the treatment. It was very calming and after a few minutes, I began to relax further and further, entering what I would characterize a semi-alpha state.  When the treatment was over, I was gently awoken by Diane, and was asked how I felt. I felt great, not groggy or out of it as one might expect.  Diane explained that she had felt a lot of “movement” during the treatment and her hands were very warm immediately after.  I got up and felt a great sense of relief, and relaxation, as if a thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. The knee felt great; as the days passed I noticed improved mobility and flexibility when I returned to my running.
Thanks Diane, it was a great experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from any ailment, be it physical or otherwise.”


Alejandro Burneo

Boulder, Colorado

Reiki Eases Cold and Flu Symptoms


“To gift oneself of a Reiki treatment from Diane Larson is to open a portal to profound healing.I celebrate her skill in achieving concrete results. Recently I received a bad ankle sprain while hiking and received treatment from Diane, I experienced a noticeable improvement in mobility and decrease in pain.
In the past several years I have seen Diane for sundry aches and pains:
lower back pain, colds and flu, torn shoulder and so forth. I receive the treatment and immediately feel better. A deep sense of relaxation and enhanced vitality are mine to walk out the door with. I truly consider Reiki another tool in my personal ”medicine cabinet", and Diane Larson with her personal efficacy and transcendent spirit is my practitioner of choice.”


Alan Veveris

Kihei, Hawaii

Energized, Reduced Pain and Calm


"The changes I am most excited about:

I no longer have the bone deep fatigue I have had for almost 10 years. I have sought help to deal with the fatigue by Eastern medicine, Western medicine, exercise, naturopathic guidance. Although each modality has helped me, Reiki affected me so quickly and with profound changes. Nearly overnight, my fatigue was gone. I have eliminated a medication recently.

I have also experienced a decrease in my general anxiety. I have found a calm and clarity that I have been seeking for years. I find I am less concerned with what might happen, and am more focused on what is happening.

I have also experienced a huge reduction in joint pain. My knees, hips, and low back pain have mostly disappeared. Again, I have used all methods of other medicine to reduce pain in those joints, and have had little success.

The greatest benefit has been the increase in stamina for belly dance workout, then Siren class to follow. Prior to Reiki, I struggled with making it through a full workout, and then would not have enough stamina to dance well. And my joint pain after workout also made it difficult and painful to dance. I was really thinking I was going to give up trying to dance. So you can imagine my elation to find Reiki.

I think you are pretty aware that I was fairly skeptical about Reiki. My desperation to help my dog Grizz trumped my skepticism. So, considering where I came from, I feel like Reiki was meant to find me through my Grizz. I am not sure I would have ever sought it as a treatment or path for myself."

Marcy R.,
Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Pain from Arthritis and Bone Spurs gone,
Positive changes at work


"Upon registering for my First Degree Reiki class; I had no ideas or expectations of what Reiki Natural Healing was about. I was just looking for something to relax me and calm my nerves just from the stresses of daily living and life in general. I had no idea of what a gift, I was about to receive.
Five days before the classes my doctor told me I was going to have to find a new way of making a living. I'm a massage therapist and my lower back had started hurting me for weeks. I had x-rays and they showed my lower back had arthritis and bone spurs; the pain went down my left leg and I also had bone spurs on my left heel. I was thinking "What am I going to do"??? I went to my First Degree Reiki class as I said before with no expectations but with an open mind. From The very first day of class I was given a great gift; a gift that I can share with others to help them receive healing. I became so calm, relaxed and energized and looking at the world with new eyes. My eyes have been opened and the pain in the back is gone. When I returned to work on Monday after my initiation as a Reiki Practitioner my patients were leaving therapy smiling, relaxed and looking at me differently than they had the previous week. I shared with my fellow workers about my Reiki classes and they noticed a difference in me and then they seemed to try and push my buttons but to their and also my amazement I did not react with anger as I once would have done.
I found that Diane Larson, my Reiki Master is the most loving, caring, friend and teacher and when I first met her it was as if I already knew her. Thank you Diane and thank you to all the Reiki Grand Masters for this gift that is indescribable and hard to put into words.
I thank God for sending Dr. Usui the Reiki vision and for the changes Reiki has already brought into my life in such a short time."


Rayanna Patterson
Las Vegas, Nevada

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Discomfort from Eye Surgery Relieved


"I experienced Diane Larson's Reiki treatments while recovering from eye surgery in March 2010. I found the warmth in her hands to be calming and healing on a deep level. She instinctively knew where to place her hands and I felt complete confidence in her work. Before the session she listened carefully to my symptoms and made me feel comfortable and relaxed so I was better able to receive the healing energies. I felt Diane was sensitive to the trauma my eyes had been exposed to and careful to work gently in harmony with my body. Subsequent sessions brought great relief from discomfort and allowed me to get much needed rest Diane spent a lot of time with me in each session. She was thorough and attentive to the healing process as it unfolded in my recovery. I am quite grateful for Diane's expertise and highly recommend her excellent work."
With gratitude and joy,


Edie Van Hoose

Kahana, Hawaii

Mental Clarity and Body/Soul Rejuvenation Found


"I have received several Distant Reiki Treatments from Diane Larson, and have gotten excellent results. She has helped me come to solutions about different situations that I needed clarity on as well as restoring my body and soul. I can feel the Reiki Energy Flowing Immediately when she starts, and my body and spirit are just, if not more as receptive to the Reiki Energy as much as if I was having a hands on Reiki Treatment with her. I would highly recommend a distant treatment with Diane for any situation regarding the physical body or other situations that may need some healing. If you are not available to be there in person, or live in another area and still would like to receive the Reiki Energy, Diane has an amazing and beautiful gift to share with you!"

Rose Sample

Maui, Hawaii

Bladder Cramping Disappeared
Energized, Peaceful and Newfound Patience


"Ever since taking my First degree Reiki class; I have been having amazing Reiki self treatments and when I began my Reiki class I was having severe cramping in my bladder and they suddenly disappeared. During my Reiki class I experienced a spiritual renewal of God's powering energy that I felt I had lost over these last years. This is truly a blessing that I have obtained this reconnection. I feel more energized, peaceful and discovered I have a new patience about everything. I am blessed and thankful to my teacher Diane Larson for teaching me the hands on healing of Reiki."

K. Seleatha Patterson,
Las Vegas, Nevada

Student of Seattle City Reiki


Reiki Heals Anxious Negative Energy


"I have had Reiki treatments in the past in order to help with anxious negative energy. I experienced little to no relief from previous practitioners. However, I decided to try Diane and I am grateful that I did. I don't think I have ever been so relaxed and still during the treatment, and afterwards, I did experience a lasting relaxation and feeling of total peace. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking energy healing. "

Seattle, Washington

Letting go of Money Worries


"It was so wonderful taking your class and also getting to spend the extra time with you. I am very excited to get a table, I feel like I am being held back without one. But, Reiki will find its way. My stories are endless on the changes Reiki has made in my life just within the last few weeks, actually starting back to my first treatment. I feel I have made a big transition this week since our visit on Saturday. I have been letting go of the money worries, which is a Biggie for me since it seems to be a big part of my world at home and at work. I am shutting the door on it, telling it to leave my house; you are not welcome here any more! At first it was forced, but now it seems to becoming part of me. I am much more relaxed. I asked Reiki to send some money to work, we need it for the bills and wasn’t sure where it was going to come from. The next day I got a call from the boss that a check was ready at a customer that I didn’t expect payment from for at least 30-60 days. There have been so many clear signs that Reiki is working in my life, CLEAR signs. That alone is really cool!!!"

Lisa Faircloth,

Las Vegas, Nevada

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Dissolves Kidney Pain


"I have been doing Reiki with people who are in a lot of pain, more on an experimental basis, since I am not so familiar with it yet.
One evening a neighbor told me that she was experiencing kidney pain strong enough that she was thinking she may have to go to the Emergency Room that night. She didn't have insurance and was close to tears. I told her that I would do Reiki on her thinking at least she would calm down. She agreed and I started working on her doing the hand positions from the head down. She went into a deep state right away and when we were done she said, that at some point she felt that her kidney pain had simply dissolved. She was quite relieved."


Helga Fiederer,

Haiku, Hawaii

Student of Seattle City Reiki

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