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Client & Student Testimonials

Reiki Relieves Jaw Condition


"The young woman whom I had treated at the social gathering had in the course of a discussion related to the group that she had had little to no relief over the past 15 years for her jaw condition. She had been raised in Taiwan, had seen doctors there and here in the States. Earlier I had mentioned to my friends that I had been initiated into First Degree Reiki, one of whom suggested that I show them what I meant
by Reiki (they had a vague understanding that it had something to do with energy).

"I suggested that I might give the young lady a brief treatment, so for about 10 minutes I did the head treatment. Afterwards, she was amazed at how relaxed her jaw felt and wanted more. I proceeded to give her another 15 minutes focusing on the jaw throughout the four head positions. When finished she worked her jaw and was nearly in tears at the relief she felt. I suggested that she see a Reiki practitioner in Seattle where they now live. Subsequently, I ended up giving three more very short treatments, all of which resulted in positive responses."


Ed Frodel
Poulsbo, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Helps with Healing Process


"I wanted to thank you for the distant reiki treatments I received from you. I believe that those treatments helped in the healing process that I needed to go through, physically and spiritually. During the treatments I felt a deep sense of calm relaxation and peace and afterward felt totally rejuvenated.

"Your generous support and kindness resonated throughout the treatments. Thank you for all that you do."

Julie Claybaugh

Eugene, Oregon

Reiki Heals Granddaughter from Stomach Flu


"I came home from work and my five year old granddaughter, Daisey, had been sick. She was throwing up and her stomach was cramping. She was sleeping somewhat, but still continued to cry out and pull her knees to her chest from the pain. I didn’t want to make her worse, but I wanted to apply a Reiki treatment to see if I could help ease her discomfort. Then I remembered, “you cannot do Reiki wrong, you can only do it better and Reiki can never hurt you”.
Because she sleeps on the top of a bunk bed and I am short, the circumstances were not great. So I found a chair to get me to her height and got myself into some crazy positions to get to her little body. I started with her eyes and I exaggerate not, within 30 seconds she was snoring. I continued the treatment and she began to straighten her legs and her body began to relax. She slept for a while and then woke again crying in pain. I applied another treatment and she settled again and slept. This went on for several hours, but each time I applied a treatment, her body would immediately relax and she would go into a sleep. At first for maybe 3o minutes, then a little longer until she finally slept through the night.
To be able to share the gift of Reiki with my Granddaughters is the best Gift in the entire universe. I am so thankful Reiki found its way to me, and it is allowing me to share this gift with the ones I love."


Lisa Faircloth

Las Vegas, Nevada

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Student’s Reiki Class Review


"You have such a bright, light, gentle, graceful, poised disposition and energy. It was a pleasure to witness and experience. You did a great job imparting knowledge, timing everything, offering a beautiful, clean setting and nice teas, and giving us much peace and interesting dialogue etc. You made us feel welcomed and comforted. And the initiations felt like a spiritual rite. You are truly a master guide and so right for this work."

Thank you so much again,


Lauren Grosskopf
Seattle, WA.

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Massage Therapist Receives an Increase in
Requests & Compliments


"Since taking my First Degree Reiki class in July, my boss at LaVida Massage had noticed I had an increase in requests and compliments on our feed back page and in person. I got the most compliments for the month of Aug. I have also noticed clients complimenting me directly more often since I have been applying the techniques I learned from Diane Larson's class. The class was well worth my time and investment
and I am looking forward to taking the Second Degree Reiki class very soon.

"Thank you Diane for handing down this valuable healing tool for me to apply to my clients and to myself."


Carrie A Collins
Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Heals Asthma


"For as long as I can remember, I've had asthma. I've been hospitalized several times and have taken medicine multiple times a day trying to maintain proper breathing. After taking First Degree Reiki from Seattle City Reiki, I noticed that I don't need medication and my asthma doesn't give me problems."


April Cook

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Strength and Spiritual Connection Found


“Thank you for always making me feel so comfortable. Just the thought of coming over to your house for a Reiki Treatment or a relaxing visit makes me feel safe and protected.
Diane I know that Reiki is your true calling. Your presence is so healing to my soul. I have felt an amazing feeling of strength after experiencing my wonderful Reiki treatments. So relaxed, so at peace. I have also shared Spiritual connections during my treatment's, which are always a blessing.”


Shaheen B.

Maui, Hawaii

Reiki Alleviates Migraine Attack

"Last night I went to a birthday party for a couple who share the same birthday. It was held at Kiana Lodge, formal dinner, dancing etc. After dinner the couple's 46 year old daughter and I were chatting in the dining room after all others had moved on to the dance floor. Jolee all of a sudden began to shake and went into noticeable slight spasms. She explained that she was having a migraine attack. I asked one of the waiters to bring me a cold towel to put on the back of her neck and began to administer Reiki to her head, her eyes and her neck in particular. After about 10 minutes she relaxed and seemed to pull out of her spell. I left the party shortly thereafter; and as I was leaving, Jolee's mother thanked me for helping her daughter."

Ed Frodel
Poulsbo, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Supports Workouts


“This week I discovered a formula for amazing energy. I’ve been waking up at 5:15 am, exercising vigorously for a half-hour, stretching, showering and doing a Reiki (12-position) self-treatment. By the time I leave for work, my energy is humming nicely! What has worked so well about this formula so far is that the Reiki is my reward for exercising: the sooner I begin exercising, the more time I have for Reiki, so it gets me moving right away. No more dragging my feet to get started.

A nice side effect is that, even though this is my first week exercising after a long hiatus, I haven’t been sore. My muscles have at times been stiff (lots of stretching!) but never sore. I credit the Reiki. My energy definitely feels different this week. I feel very calm and grounded and centered. A great feeling.”

Brian Mercer
Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Closer as a Couple


“I want to thank you again for this weekend's Reiki Class. I feel like you've given Alan and I an amazing gift that is going to not only make the two of us (and our pets) healthier, but also make the two of us closer as a couple. It was really an amazing thing to do side by side. Thank you so much for encouraging us to do it!”

Katie Henry
Issaquah, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki


Reiki Relaxes and Calms


"Diane, I would like to thank you for your great Reiki treatments. They really made me feel relaxed. Your touch was very calming. Afterward I slept like a baby. The treatment room was so clean and calming. Thank you so much for the healing touch. You are truly a saint. Thanks again.

Aloha, Karine Cummings

Kahana, Hawaii

Healing Notes from a Second Degree Practitioner


“One of my regular massage clients who is very open to Reiki was excited that I am now a Second Degree Practitioner. She asked me about the protocol of working with clients. I told her it is standard that before any treatment that we get permission to work on them. I explained the process to her, the positioning of the hands and for how long. She agreed to let me add the Mental Treatment, and during the session she
experienced her right thumb and index finger start to throb (pulse), then it released and she felt relief. My client was very happy.

The second client also agreed thatI could do some Reiki healing on him. He was having pain in his right leg and ankles and was wearing a brace. After the Reiki he said he felt better and no more pain. The third client I had at my home is a gentleman I have massaged for 18 years,who was also open to the Reiki healing. I applied it to his neck that is usually sore from being fused from an accident. By the end of my treatment,he was pain free. He stated that was very cool! Thank you Reiki Master Diane for teaching me this amazing healing pathway, to further help my clients as well as learning to also do self healing,so that I can be the best practitioner I can be.”

Carrie A Collins
Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

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