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Client & Student Testimonials

Reiki Dissolves Blood Clots Surrounding Heart


"I have had the fortunate experience of giving Reiki to a client who has been diagnosed with several auto-immune disorders and Cystic Fibrosis. She had undergone heart surgery prior to coming to me for Reiki. After the surgery, her doctor was concerned about blood clots that were forming and not moving from around her heart area. Her surgeon scheduled a follow up appointment where a scope would be used to take a closer look at the blood clots. We started Reiki about two weeks prior to her follow-up appointment and my client received five sessions during that time. When the scope procedure was performed, the doctor was surprised to find that all of the clots surrounding her heart were gone."

Therese Sloss

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Positive Changes in life perceptions, Sleeps much better, More Synchronicity


"Thank you so much for all you have given! There are so many positive changes in the day to day routines in my life/perceptions. The most beneficial is sleep! I am sleeping so much better after practicing the Reiki techniques each night and morning. I am also much calmer and more aware of how I want to live.
I notice more synchronicity in my life, truly an amazing gift.
You are remarkable, what a beautiful beam of light you are and a generous spirit!
Thank you so much!"


Susan R.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Debilitating Pain from Vertebral Subluxation & Knee Meniscus Relieved, Improved Focus/Relaxation


"My first encounter with Reiki Natural Healing occurred several years ago, when Diane Larson, dear friend and current Reiki Master, performed a mini Reiki session in her home in Kahana, Maui. I had been running/jogging on the beach as my cardio workout during that time, which exacerbated the swelling in my right knee due to a torn meniscus. The results of that first session were amazing; having significantly reduced the pain and associated swelling of my right knee, as well as encountering for the first time the shifts and pulls one experiences during a Reiki session. The emotional component also marked my understanding of the power of hands on healing.
Fast forward to the current year, I did not hesitated to sign up for Diane’s First Degree Reiki class, being held in Las Vegas, as I was eager to receive this amazing gift from an equally amazing soul. Upon completion of the class and becoming certified as a Reiki practitioner, I found improved focus during my work outs, such that I was able to exceed personal goals, and also increased relaxation throughout the entire day.
Recently, though, I threw out my back and had a debilitating pain in the lower lumbar region, which had sustained vertebral subluxation from an old surfing head injury. I initially tried a lot of yoga/other stretches to “pop” it back into place. No amount of Advil or stretches, or hot tub/sauna time would alleviate the pain that my Reiki self treatments were able to achieve. Almost immediately I felt relief and I am confident that the Reiki energy was instrumental in healing my back problems. This healing has been the most significant achievement in my Reiki self practice, and I am now re-energized to continue and grows as a Reiki practitioner.
Mahalo nui loa Diane, for bestowing the enigmatic gift of Reiki to me. I look forward to future classes and sharing the power of Reiki with others."


Alejandro Burneo

Boulder, Colorado

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Son's Asthma Clears Up


"I can think of nothing scarier than when I watched my little boy struggle to breathe during an asthma attack. He looked up at me with wide eyes that pleaded for help, “Mom, it’s hard to breathe.” He’d had a cough all week and it seemed to have moved into his chest. Sometimes when he gets a bad cough, it triggers his asthma. He had seemed fine earlier when he went to bed. He woke up when he started wheezing. We were up most the night. I didn’t want to sleep because I was worried I wouldn’t hear him if he needed me. I gave him three nebulizer treatments (steam treatment used to relax and open the bronchii) with only temporary relief for a few hours.
I took First Degree Reiki classes about 9 months ago; it has changed my life in the most amazing ways. I remembered how my Reiki Master had talked about how Reiki can help people with asthma. I gave Dylan some Reiki by placing my hands on his chest. I could feel the heat in my hands as the Reiki energy flowed into his lungs. He immediately began to relax and his breathing started to slow down. He began taking deeper breaths and it steadied into a regular rhythm. I was so grateful that there was something that I could do to help him through this. The next day he was having trouble breathing again. I did some more Reiki on him. Then I called my friend Diane, who is training to be a Reiki Master. She is the one who brought Reiki into my life. She has shared her knowledge of Reiki with me and encouraged me to take the Reiki class. I told Diane the situation and asked her if she would give Dylan a Distant Reiki Treatment, while I gave him a hands-on treatment. Ten minutes later, we were both giving Dylan Reiki.
Just a few minutes into the treatment, Dylan opened his eyes and smiled. He said, “I’m feeling better mom.” He received the rest of the treatment from both of us and he continued to feel better. His breathing relaxed again. We haven’t had to use the nebulizer since that day, three months ago. Thank you Diane for shining your Reiki light into our lives. I am so grateful for my teachers and for the Reiki energy that now is part of my life."


Katie Cox,

Honokowai, Hawaii

  Reiki Supports Major Life Changes


"I have been to Diane Larson for Reiki treatments and classes.  I took a First Degree Reiki class from her because my cat was ill, then took her Second Degree class the more I learned and experienced Reiki's powerful, healing energy.

More recently, I experienced some major life changes, and went to Diane for several sessions.  There is nothing like experiencing Reiki healing form a true Reiki Master and Diane embodies Reiki in every aspect of her being.  She is a kind, gentle, soft-spoken soul; a beautiful, old soul.

Since then, I have kept in touch with Diane for advice and counsel.  She is always available to help.
Diane is a member of the Reiki Alliance.  If you are going to seek Reiki treatment or take a Reiki class, make sure the Reiki master is legit (i.e. a Reiki Alliance member).
If you are on the fence about Reiki, hesitate no longer."

Yelp Review

Brian M.

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Sharing Reiki with Granddaughters


"At the end of my First Degree Reiki Training Workshop I felt relaxed and energized at the same time. I was ready and excited to give a treatment and share my new gift. I did not know where I would begin, so I decided to let Reiki take the wheel. Our workshop was in a beautiful home, with quiet music and soft voices. I spent two days in this tranquility…AND then I went home…My daughter and my two granddaughters live with my husband and me. Madyline is three and Daisey is five. Madyline was “bouncing off walls”-NOT quietly I must add. She was all wound up and it didn’t appear she would be settling down any time soon. But it was late and time for settling down. So I asked my three year old if she wanted a relaxation “Reiki” treatment. She simply smiled and said yes. I asked her to lie on her back on the bed and I placed my hands over her eyes. Upon contact I felt intense heat. I felt her body sucking in the Reiki energy. Her face lit up with a smile from ear to ear. She placed her tiny little hands on mine and adjusted my hand position. She did the same when I moved to her ears. The heat from her ears was the strongest and the energy I felt flowing was overwhelming. In every position there was extreme heat and an abundance of energy being released into her body. I wanted to make sure to get to every position before she decided she had enough, so I only held for maybe one to two minutes before moving to the next. Because of her tiny body, I was able to get all of her stomach positions with just one placement of my hands and the same for her back.
Daisey was watching as I did Madyline’s treatment and she asked if she could get a relaxation treatment too. Well I said “of course!” I finished with Madyline; she was now calm, relaxed and quiet. She moved over and made room for her sister in the bed. She sat quietly and calmly, watching very closely and mocking my movements. I started with Daisey’s eyes and before I could get to her ears she was asleep and snoring. I continued her treatment while she slept. Madyline continued to watch with fascination. When I moved to Daisey’s side to do her front positions, Madyline asked in a whisper, (YES a whisper) “Can I sit beside you grandma?” Again, “of course!”, and I motioned for her to move beside me. She continued to mock my movements, placing her hands in front of her and doing exactly as I was doing. When I finished with Daisey, I cuddled her in her blanket; she was done for the night. I then tucked Madyline in and she went into a peaceful slumber. My work here was complete."


Lisa Faircloth,
Las Vegas, Nevada

Student of Seattle City Reiki

 Gifts to a Second Degree Practitioner


“Second Degree with Diane was a lovely and interesting experience, and an entrance to a surprising new and deeper level of Reiki. Distant treatments are particularly ethereal, unbelievably relaxing/peaceful and often intriguing with visuals and insights. A magical mystery is all I can relay.

A more peaceful body and mind to live with after sessions leaves me feeling amazed and grateful. I haven't treated animals yet, but that will he interesting as well. It's hard to believe Reiki can be transferred from a distance and to see that it can be is an unusual and uplifting revelation. As always, I have much gratitude for Diane's strikingly calm, graceful, wonderful demeanor. She embodies reiki and is a spectacular role model and teacher. Thank you Diane!”

Lauren Grosskopf
Second Degree Reiki Practitioner

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Restored to Normalcy


"Last summer my wife and I went to Maui. It turned out to be a nerve racking trip. We almost missed our flight, the plane was over-sold and jammed and we even ended up way in the back. Upon arriving, we went to the car rental to pick-up our car and the line was almost to the entrance door. We waited in line for two hours. By the time we got to the hotel our nerves were burnt out. After finding our hotel room, we collapsed on the bed. But we were so over-tired we hardly slept. The next morning we felt like we were in a fog. We needed help. We went down to the front desk to ask the concierge if he could recommend a masseuse. He told us about a Reiki practitioner, Diane Larson, that he highly recommended. He said she would put us back on track. We called for an appointment. That was the best thing we did! Diane not only restored us to normalcy, but her Reiki treatment kept working even when we got back to the mainland!
The next time we get back to Maui, the first place we are going is to Maui Island Reiki for a treatment with Diane. We only regret that she isn’t closer! Thank You Diane for your healing touch."


Dennis G.,

Mt. Prospect, IL

 Eye Problems Relieved


"I came to Diane for several Reiki treatments over a two year period. What I experienced was a deep sense of relaxation and peace. I had been having some problems with my eyes and found relief through Diane's Reiki treatments. I highly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner and will get treatments from her whenever possible."

Julie Claybaugh

Eugene, Oregon

Reiki Alleviates Stress and Anxiety


"I am ever so grateful that when I was having a particularly difficult time with stress and anxiety, Diane Larson offered Reiki treatments to me and the results were amazing. I had no expectation and/or pre-judgment about the outcome of the sessions and I believe that is the best way to approach the treatments whether it be for physical, emotional or both. Her sessions are conducted in a comforting and peaceful environment. As with so many people who have experienced Reiki, I was fortunate to participate in First Degree Reiki training and one of the results is a clearer understanding of what the exchange of energy is all about and also teaches us how to perform "self treatments".
I highly recommend to anyone, for whatever purpose, to participate in a Reiki session(s) with Diane to experience for yourself what an amazing healing; energizing touch and gift she has to share with you."


Maria Burns

Napili, Hawaii

More Effective Bodyworker, Better Stress & Pain Control


"I have noticed improved sleep, improved stress management, and improved pain management.
What I have noticed though is that when I work on clients who come for bodywork I will try and do whichever modality they want first, and if they are still in pain I always do reiki on them. It is always the Reiki that shifts their problem! So I have become a lot more effective as a bodyworker which I am very happy about.
I think Reiki is an amazing healing modality and I am so grateful that I have become aware of it and that you initiated me into it."


Helga Fiederer
Haiku, Hawaii

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Heals Burns


"Jesse burned his finger and I did Reiki on it and felt the heat being drawn out; he did not get a blister. I burned my finger on curling iron and I did Reiki treatment on my finger and also felt heat being drawn out, I did not have a blister and it did not even turn red. Amazing huh!"

K. Seleatha Patterson

Las Vegas, Nevada

Student of Seattle City Reiki

My Reiki Journey - Reiki Found Me in My Dreams


"I had heard of Reiki before but I didn’t really understand how it worked or where it came from. A few years ago a massage therapist I had been seeing had given me Reiki during one of my massages. She had paused at my lower back and held her hands in place for a while. I could feel the heat from her hands and I went into a deeper relaxation. Afterwards, I asked her about my experience and she said that she also practices Reiki and it will come out naturally when it’s needed.

Time went by and I started going through a rough period in my life with losing my father, having issues with a new manager, my health deteriorated and I needed to make some changes. I decided to move back home to Seattle to be surrounded by my friends and family. I really wanted to work on getting healthy and happy again.


One night I had a dream about Reiki and when I woke up, I immediately grabbed my phone and went right to Diane’s web site. I couldn’t believe she was a Reiki Master practicing just down the street from my home. She had studied Reiki on Maui and was still using her Hawaiian phone number. I have family ties to the islands and so when I saw her 808 area code and read her story I just knew she was the one for me. That morning I made my first appointment with her on January 1, 2015. What a great way to start the New Year!

I had never had a full Reiki treatment and I didn’t really know what to expect. Diane sat with me for about 15 minutes, asked me questions of why I was here, what I wanted to focus on, how my health was and so on.

My experience was amazing and so relaxing. I could feel the energy pulsing down my body. That first treatment brought a lot of blocked energy up around my throat and chest.

I booked another 4 sessions with Diane after my first experience because I could feel the benefits of Reiki and I wanted the healing to continue. Each session I experienced a little change in myself. I hadn’t realized I was still struggling with a bit of depression from losing my dad and changing jobs at work. My blood pressure went down and my mood was changing for the better after Reiki Treatments.


Diane could see my excitement with Reiki and encourage me to take her First Degree Reiki class. It was a 2 day weekend training and I think I may have been the first student to sign up. The fact that I was going to be able to heal myself, my cat Mocha and my friends was too good to pass up.

After my training, I had a Canadian cousin in town and I gave her a 30 minute session outside in my backyard when we had a warm sunny afternoon. The birds were chirping, I was playing Deuter on my phone and my neighbor’s water feature was bubbling away. It was such a wonderful setting that it made for a powerful session. My cousin’s arthritic wrist lost its swelling and the pain in her shoulder went away.
My mother has been a bit skeptical and I’ve only been able to give her maybe a 10 minute session. One Saturday, she slammed her hand in the car door and since I was with her, I immediately put my hands on her hand and helped reduce her pain. The next day she didn’t even bruise!


I’ve experienced little Reiki miracles of my own with no bruising after a really bad blood draw, healing scratches on myself, and sleeping more soundly by doing my Reiki self-healing treatments each morning and night. The whites of my eyes are very bright, my nails grow strong and white and people give me comments that I look really good. My hearing has improved and the floaters in my eyes are diminishing. I have not gotten sick this year and I’ve been surrounded by coworkers who have all had the flu. I’m working with my doctor to cut my medication down and I know this will be the year I can finally get my weight down to a healthy number.

Reiki found me and I’m so glad it did. It’s changing my life in a good way and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Thank you Diane, you are a wonderful teacher!



Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki


Huge Weight of Bricks Lifted off Shoulders


"After receiving this Reiki Treatment I felt as though a huge weight of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. My mind was at ease and my thoughts were clear as day. I always feel great after Diane Larson’s Reiki Treatments. Diane recommended I get my First Degree Reiki training to have the ability to give myself treatments at any time. The results have been instant and amazing!!!!! I highly encourage everyone to experience Reiki in their lives."

Megan Wood

Haiku, Hawaii

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