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Reiki Healing Results

Reiki Healing Results;
Recovery- Reiki can assist in recovery from medical treatments, surgery and addiction
Well-Being- Reiki promotes well- being and instills balance improving the immune system
Pain & Injury- Reiki relieves chronic pain & heals injuries
Stress & Anxiety- Reiki diminishes stress and anxiety producing groundedness while promoting sleep
Illness & Disease- Reiki alleviates symptoms caused by illness & disease
Toxins- Reiki removes toxins on the mental, emotional and physical levels
Self-Healing- Reiki strengthens your natural ability to self-heal
Rejuvenate- Reiki instills energy & vitality
Emotional Healing- Reiki heals the emotions, fostering peace & nurturing self-love
Surgery- Reiki supports during, pre and post-surgery
Childbirth- Reiki energetically nourishes Moms during, pre and post childbirth
Trauma- Reiki helps to heal painful emotions and fearfulness caused by trauma, creating feelings of safety & inner strength
Meditation- Reiki is considered Applied Meditation as it organically places you in the meditative state
Raising Vibrations- Reiki is Vibrational Medicine, it raises ones vibrational rate which brings us closer to enlightenment
Thought Clarity- Reiki creates clarity of thought, healthier thought patterns and sharpens intuitive guidance
Humility- Reiki fosters a life of humility and grace





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