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Reiki Treatments

  Hands-on and Distant Reiki Treatments




















There are many reasons people seek Reiki Healing. Perhaps you're living with illness or chronic pain and are looking for a way to feel better and emotionally stabilize. Is stress and anxiety getting the better of you when all you wish for is some peace and grounding? Are relationships or situations in your life difficult or upsetting? Is surgery or childbirth in your future and you're seeking a means of support and healing? Is your desire to detox from past trauma or abuse long overdue? At a crossroad in your life and confused about which path to take? Exploring a way to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Searching for a way to help and support your child in easing the pressure of "growing up"? Ready to heal from a recent heartbreak? Are you a medical professional or caregiver and would like a way to restore the energy you so graciously give to your patients? 






Reiki's effectiveness lies in its ability to heal the origin of your ailment or situation bringing your system or situation back into balance as it revitalizes and nourishes. In Reiki we often discover the origin is emotional blocked energy although mental, physical and/or spiritual energetic blocks can also be a source.

  Reiki is a cumulative healing process although one treatment can create the positive shift required. More commonly a series of treatments are necessary to ensure the removal of all blocked energy present in order to obtain lasting results as your body is reminded of its inherent ability to self-heal. A deep sense of inner peace naturally results bringing fortitude and clarity which is essential to rebuild a healthful state. Reiki works harmoniously with all other healing modalities including western medicine and is often considered the "missing link" to healthcare.

  Hands-on and Distant are the two methods of Reiki Treatment. Equal in potency only differentiating in the application process.


Hands-on are in person Reiki Treatments, you lie fully clothed on my Reiki table as hands are gently placed in a precise sequence on the front and back of your body to dislodge and remove blocked energy creating an uninterrupted energy pathway within your system as integrity and balance is instilled. Prior to treatment your healing goals are discussed and any questions you may have are answered. After treatment you are given details of the healing and balancing that occurred during your session. In addition you will have the opportunity to share your treatment experience.

Distant Treatments are a remote healing technique which is restorative and highly beneficial on all levels. These sessions are administered for all circumstances; alleviate or remedy of ailments for people and animals, bringing clarity and mending to situations and relationships, clearing the energy from homes, land, offices and places. The immeasurable value of receiving Distant Reiki Treatments during surgery and childbirth is profound. I find children and animals are prime recipients as they sometimes find it challenging to keep still for Hands-on Treatments. Once your Distant Treatment is received a full report of your treatment's healing outcome is sent via email.


Diane Larson Reiki Master


The Reiki Treatments administered by Reiki Master Diane Larson of Seattle City Reiki are the original form of treatment created by the founder of Reiki Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800's in Japan. This authentic method has been proven to be the most effective by Dr. Usui. Diane is a member of the Reiki Alliance, an international organization of Reiki Masters who practice this authentic form of Reiki, Alliance members are guided by professional standards and a strict code of ethics. As a member of The Reiki Alliance, she is committed to maintaining the founding principles of Usui Shiki Ryoho. You may view Diane's page on The Reiki Alliance website at

I recommend reading the more than 60 Reiki Testimonials written by my clients and students, they will explain the diverse healing benefits you can receive from Reiki.

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