What message does your dis-ease or condition hold for you? Reiki aids in revealing this essential information creating a healing transformation to occur, releasing any unhealthy holding patterns which may be keeping you stuck in the state of dis-ease. Often contained within these messages are memories of painful or traumatic experiences which can cause our unhealthy habitual patterns to form, in Reiki we commonly discover it is precisely these painful/traum...

Reiki plays a significant role in diminishing the "separateness" our ego mind creates.  The delusion of dissemblance causes a profound unease as we confront our cultural conditioning of being separate from our  fellow human beings. It leaves us feeling isolated and incomplete, spiraling us into all sorts of unwanted mental and emotional states which affect our physical health. At the heart of this human conditioning of duality is the myth of the sole ego, i...

September 6, 2018

To infuse medicine and food with Reiki is to balance it out and align it with your individual system. The possibility of Reiki lessening side effects from medication, including chemotherapy & radiation as well as medical procedures is evident for most people and animals since this "energy medicine" activates ones immune system response ushering in the self healing process. Filling anything with Reiki invariably promotes wellness and initiates detoxificati...

Within each of us contains a very special seed, this seed is called Enlightenment. Its desire to come into fruition is always present and never ending as it gently nudges us to become who we innately are, a purified being overflowing with love and compassion.

The first two Spiritual Precepts of Reiki reflect this preposterous myth of having control. "Just for today, do not worry" and "Just for today, do not anger", often the origin of worry and anger stem from our fear or inability of not having "control" and/or trying to "control" somebody, something or a situation. Sure there are certain situations we must govern, for example when our children run out into the street and...

 Reiki is a Spiritual Practice. Whatever "Spiritual" means to you, whether it's contemplating the cosmos, finding God, being in nature or simply incorporating mindfulness into your life. We recognize when we feel spiritual, we feel at peace and a sense of connection with "all that is". An inherent knowing all is well occurs when awareness is joined with our Spiritual Self.  Dualism dissolves as compassion for all beings takes its rightful place....

One thing is certain, Reiki creates positive change in ones life. The elimination of blocked energy on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual layers begins to form "space" and creates a "gateway" for implementing all that is conducive to our personal evolution and happiness. We start to feel freed up of what has bogged us down, and at times not realizing we were in such a state of suppression and stagnation, until we feel the favo...

 Gratitude makes the simplest things seem extraordinary. When we genuinely feel gratefulness it seems as though we have everything we need and desire. A deep sensation of satisfaction and peace begins to grow overcoming any ego-based thoughts of "not enough". As we become aware of the countless benefits of Reiki we notice that feeling gratitude is on that long list of perks. 

 Finding Gratitude through Reiki is possible since Reiki...

Our Chakra System is a fundamental component of our basic make up that can accumulate blocked energy just like any other section of our body. The word chakra is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel”, or “circle of life”. They consist of seven main energy centers found in the body and are associated with a variety of colors. In various traditions chakras are associated with multiple physiological functions, an aspect of consciousness, a classical element, a...

September 21, 2017

 Frequently I observe worries concerning money become a paralyzing factor in one's life as it squeezes the freedom and joy from their existence. The irrational fear of not having it or loosing it is in fact creating a unhealthy and imbalanced relationship with money and can literally cause financial loss and/or slow down the flow of money into ones life. Some folks have shared with me that they sometimes lay awake at night unable to sleep worried about thei...

Frequently my patients and I discover the origin of their disease or unwanted symptoms can be traced back to childhood trauma, abuse and/or intense emotional upsets. As children we don't have the "tools" to protect ourselves emotionally so we, like little sponges, soak up the good, the bad and the ugly. The internalization of these heavy and at times fearful emotions compile through the years as we learn to suppress them in creative and unrele...

Reiki Establishes the Precise Condition for Healing as it shifts your system into parasympathetic nervous system dominance.When the PNS is dominant, the body is in rest and digest mode, and its focal point is to balance, heal, thoroughly nurture and restore itself.

Our modern day lives spin at an accelerated rate of busyness as the pressure we place upon ourselves to continually stay productive gets to be unbearable and unhealthy, the crucial virtue of patience gets lost in the whirlwind of constant activity. Things just don't happen quick enough for our preoccupied mind, we find ourselves in the hurried thought pattern of always planning our next move.

The essential simplicity of just "being", relishi...

As planting season quickly approaches remember to infuse your seeds, plant starts and young plants with Reiki. Do this by holding the seeds, root balls and/or container pots in your Reiki hands before planting for a few minutes or longer as the energy automatically absorbs into them upon contact. You can additionally place your hand upon the top soil so the energy can stream from the top to the base.
You may also stand in front of your garden/trees/pla...

February 15, 2017

With every Reiki Self Treatment we gift ourselves the element of pure love is introduced and absorbed into our system and world. Honoring yourself with energy healing daily stimulates an infinite and profound self love absent of the unhealthy aspect of "ego". The more we love ourselves the more we can love others and show appreciation for all of life. Our lives become aligned with this self love which is always present yet at times buried deep within our be...

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The Message Within

January 9, 2019

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