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Client & Student Testimonials

Reiki Inspires"Textbook" Triple Bypass Surgery


"I had asked Diane Larson to do a Distant Reiki Treatment for my father's triple bypass surgery after he had what we knew to be a very serious heart attack. My father had needed a bypass over three years prior when Doctors found blockages of 100%, 96% and 90% but my Father's health was not well enough to sustain the surgery according to his team of physicians. His serious health issues include type-2 (now evolved into type-1) diabetes, advanced prostate cancer (for which he sustained radiation treatment and continues now with bi-annual injections to control PSA fluctuation), among others; all which require intense daily pharmaceuticals to maintain his overall health.


On the morning of the surgery, Diane did the Distant Reiki Treatment given the details I provided. Once I spoke to my family they informed me that the surgery was a "textbook" bypass procedure, successful beyond anyone's expectations; especially those of the doctors. I trust and believe that the Distant Reiki Treatment Diane performed on my Father was an integral part of the success of his surgery.”


R.Amanda Gravitte

Kaanapali, Hawaii

The Power and Potential of Reiki Training


“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for your wonderful class. Your qualities of patience, kindness, humility, strength, precision and intuition really shined through. I am still in awe with the keen awareness with which you moved about the room to assist us all.  You always seemed to be right there when we needed you most! Thank you. I also appreciate all the photos and attachments you sent as well.  I really enjoyed reading the beautiful blue handbook with personal words from Mrs. Takata and the history of the Usui System of Natural Healing. For the past week I have been relishing in the gift of Reiki.  Through dedicated daily self-treatments I am beginning to touch into the power and potential of this ancient Healing Art. The first 2-3 days I was overly sensitive and I felt a pressure on my nervous system. I knew things were still at work within me from the class and just kept doing Reiki treatments.  I have now balanced out and I feel much better. Working with Reiki feels very natural to me and I truly enjoy it. I have continued to do the "Emergency" treatments on my husband as well. I look forward to really taking time to study the recommended books and saturating myself with the work for a while.  I thank and bless you again for being such a great teacher/Master.  It was so nice meeting and connecting with you. I know Divine Timing will bring us together again.  I trust that."

Anastasia P.

Seattle, WA

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Wonderful Healings with Reiki


“Reiki with Diane is a sublime healing experience. Diane is compassionate, kind, loving and highly skilled at Reiki. She has the ability to feel deeply and tune into what is going on in your energy field. The Reiki treatment will take you to deep levels of relaxation thus allowing your vital life energies to diffuse throughout your mind body Spirit bringing forth a wonderful healing.”


Steven Heller

Lopez Island, WA

Reiki Brings Calmness and Peace


“I want to take a moment to thank you again for sharing the wonderful gift of Reiki with me. The training and the four initiations were incredibly special and your warm, caring and engaging imparting of this sacred learning was perfect. I am so honored to be one of your students. I wonder why it took me so long to acquaint myself with Reiki? I guess it is as you've said that Reiki always comes into our lives at just the right time. Each day I look forward to my two daily Reiki practices and I am noting incredible healing, calmness and peace! Thank you for being my Reiki Master. I'm looking into getting one of the massage tables you recommended. I'm so excited to share this with my family and friends!”


Kathy H.

Seattle, WA

Student of Seattle City Reiki

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