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        Reiki Classes

Reiki Class Schedule and Registration
Please contact me directly for class information.

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   The photos are of Seattle City Reiki's Students learning Reiki.
  I highly recommend reading the many Student Testimonials
  for they reveal the diverse benefits received after training.

~You will be taught the authentic Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Reiki, the way Reiki was "entrusted" to us in the western world from Japan by the Second Grand Master of Reiki Dr. Chujiro Hayashi in 1936. Diane is a member of The Reiki Alliance, an international organization of Reiki Masters who practice this authentic form of Reiki, Alliance members are guided by professional standards and a strict code of ethics. As a member of The Reiki Alliance, she is committed to maintaining the founding principles of Usui Shiki Ryoho. You may view Diane's page on The Reiki Alliance website at

A Reiki Alliance Certificate will be issued to you upon class completion.~ 


First Degree Reiki 








In First Degree Reiki Training you will receive the gift of Reiki Natural Healing, as it effortlessly flows from your hands to heal yourself, through self-treatments, which is the foundation of our practice, as well as facilitate healing for other people and animals by learning to provide professional hands-on Reiki Treatments. This 12 hour class will equip you with the knowledge to start your own Reiki Practice, if interested, or simply supply you with Reiki healing for your own personal use. Four initiations, Sacred Ceremony, will be given to start the flow of energy through you in a very precise manner. 


You will learn the history of Reiki, how to provide Reiki Mini Treatments and hour long professional Reiki Treatments, The Reiki Precepts, The Four Aspects and Nine Elements of Reiki,  and the diverse ways Reiki can be used and incorporated into your daily life. Class tuition is $450. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve your space in class. Classes are kept at no more then 6 students to ensure individualized attention. Ongoing support provided after class completion. 



 Second Degree Reiki








In Second Degree Reiki Training you will broaden your offerings as a Reiki Practitioner by acquiring the ability to provide Distant Reiki Treatments. Distant Treatments are administered to people, animals, situations and places from afar, they are extremely beneficial when hands-on treatments tend to be less accessible, for example during surgery and child birth. There are a vast variety of circumstances when Distant Treatments can be used and benefited from. You will be entrusted with the three Sacred Reiki Symbols, and learn how to use them to provide Distant Treatments. By connecting with the symbols, your relationship with Reiki will deepen and the healing energy flowing from your hands will amplify. You will be taught to administer Mental Treatments, which accelerate emotional & mental healing, Distant Self Treatments and how to incorporate the symbols into your hands-on Reiki Treatments. Class is 12 hours in duration. A review of First Degree class is also given. 


A minimum of three months is required between First and Second Degree Classes. This three month practice period is essential in order for you to build a strong foundation in Reiki. During Second Degree Training, you will receive a higher level of healing energy to work with. Class tuition is $650. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your space in class. Classes are kept at no more then 6 students to ensure individualized attention. Ongoing support and guidance provided after class completion. 





Student Success Stories & Class Reviews

  "This has been a life changing experience that I am so thankful for and cannot wait to use and share throughout my life! At this moment I can't think of any questions I still have. Any that I had before are being answered through new Reiki experiences. I have had some beautiful happenings with friends and coworkers who have asked for mini treatments. Emotional releases and renewed energy in all! I myself have never felt better as a whole. My jaw is feeling FANTASTIC. I have yet to have a day where my jaw or neck aches. And my mental clarity and emotional waves have gotten much better. It's phenomenal. I am so very thankful and want to thank you for being an inspiring teacher in all that you and your presence brings."

Angela Beaulaurier

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Seattle, WA

“Second Degree with Diane was a lovely and interesting experience, and an entrance to a surprising new and deeper level of Reiki. Distant treatments are particularly ethereal, unbelievably relaxing/peaceful and often intriguing with visuals and insights. A magical mystery is all I can relay.

A more peaceful body and mind to live with after sessions leaves me feeling amazed and grateful. I haven't treated animals yet, but that will he interesting as well. It's hard to believe Reiki can be transferred from a distance and to see that it can be is an unusual and uplifting revelation. As always, I have much gratitude for Diane's strikingly calm, graceful, wonderful demeanor. She embodies reiki and is a spectacular role model and teacher. Thank you Diane!”

Lauren Grosskopf
Student of Seattle City Reiki

Seattle, WA


~ Please read the many Student Testimonials under the Testimonial section~


~Travel Classes May Be Available~


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