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Reiki for Animals

Dog’s Complications from Tail Surgery healed by Reiki
















“Stitch had to have surgery on the tail with several complications. He now has staph infections and is on antibiotics. It constantly has to be wrapped and I know that it is uncomfortable for him.”


1st Distant Reiki Treatment-“Thank you for treating him...he slept the best I have seen him sleep since before august, when all this started.”


2nd Distant Reiki Treatment-“Thank you again. He is totally relaxed and snoring away.”


Three weeks after Stitch’s 2nd Reiki Treatment-“Stitch is doing very well...his tail is all healed up and he is running wild...We have started back at agility and he is very happy.”

Seattle, Washington




Dogs Inflamed Lump Significantly Shrinks With Reiki


"My dog, Rigby, started limping last week. After a few days of it getting better and then worse again, I finally decided to take him to the vet. The doctor found an inflamed lump between two of his toes and recommended a procedure to remove it that would require sedation. Though I didn't feel good about putting Rigby through the ordeal, she seemed to think it was the best/only option and I made an appointment for the next day.

I had Diane give Rigby some Reiki that evening. On our walk the following morning before his appointment, I noticed the lump was smaller and he seemed to be putting more weight on his foot again. Unfortunately (or fortunately), he had also broken out in hives. When I brought him in for the procedure, the vet thought it would be best to postpone the procedure due to the allergic reaction. I was relieved!

Diane gave Rigby another bit of Reiki that evening and the next morning, he was again walking better. Despite a continued struggle with hives (an assumed allergic reaction to antibiotics I gave him the night before the scheduled procedure), the limp has almost disappeared and the lump between his toes seems to be getting smaller still. I'm convinced the Reiki treatments have immensely helped the inflamed tissue heal and am hopeful he won't need the sedated procedure!

Thanks so much, Diane. Rigby loves you and your Reiki healing hands!

Sincerely, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help with him this week. Not only has it been beneficial for him - you've been a big help/support for me! Thank you."


"Since the couple Reiki sessions you gave Rigby around the time he had the inflammation between his toes and was limping, the lump has completely disappeared!  Actually, he was back to his usual antics within a few days - no sedation/procedure needed.

Also, I'm happy to report that since I took my First Degree class, I use Reiki with him regularly and some ongoing issues have subsided!"
Thanks again, Diane!


Lisa Holz

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki




Reiki Revitalizes Wild Bird


"On a beautiful sunny fall evening I had my windows open. I was surprised when something flew by my head, hit the wall and flew the other direction. I heard a thud and looked behind my overstuffed chair. On the floor was a sweet little bird. I hoped it would fly out the window on its own, but it didn't move. I gently scooped him up and set him on the outside windowsill. He didn't fly away; he just sat there. I knelt down next to the window and petted him and spoke softly to him. Eventually, I placed my hand on top of him. He didn't move. When I was done, I needed to walk away and attend to something for a bit. I came back, and he was still there. Again I petted him, spoke to him and gave him reiki. I walked away again, and when I came back, he was gone. I was so excited to have had reiki hands and reiki healing spirit. It was such a positive experience for me. I am thankful for Diane, the opportunity to go through reiki class, and have it in my life to heal myself and others especially sweet little birds."

Jane Harness

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki




Dogs Sore Heals Overnight


"I have been meaning to sit down and write the various Reiki experiences I've witnessed since taking your class. There have been many and I am now going to keep a list of them on my phone as they occur. However, today's story couldn't wait so I had to rush home and email you straight away. Last night our dog Wrigley was licking his back paw. Before I looked at it I knew it was going to be bad because I could smell infection. When I got close he tried to tuck it under himself because it was obviously hurting. I gently reached for it and looked at what was a big red sore next to the side of his claw. He has had these in the past either from running too hard or twisting his feet and the side of his claw jabs into his skin. It brings him much discomfort and looks pretty nasty.

"I got comfortable on the ground next to him and started to gently rub his head to get him to relax and his breathing went from panting to soft breaths. I worked my way down his body and by the time I was near his legs he stuck out his sore foot for me to touch. The whole time we did not lose eye contact and my heart was telling him, "I love you." and I was feeling the same thing in return from him, tenfold. I was able to hold his back paw with both hands gently for about 20 minutes. I then put a little bit of ointment on it with a q-tip and he didn't even wince.

"This morning when we woke up it was no longer raw, but still a bit red. Ironically he had his annual exam already scheduled for today so I thought it would be good timing for the vet to take a look. I was worried about him picking up something walking around the vet's office with it still somewhat red and thought about putting a sock on him but he refuses to walk with a sock on so I did another round of Reiki for about 10 minutes. When we got to the vet I asked that he stay in the exam room and not be taken to the back room where they do the rabies shot because of his sore. He obliged and asked which paw it was so he could examine it. I told him it was the back left paw and he got down to check and asked, "Are you sure?" I said yes and told him you kind of have to separate the paw pad to see it. He tried and still said, "I'm not seeing anything." I got down on the ground with him to help locate the sore and I was looking between each toe pushing apart the fur and there was nothing to be found. I even checked the right paw to see if somehow I got confused but there wasn't anything there either. At this point I was certain the vet thought I was nuts so I explained that I did some Reiki last night and again this morning because it was still red. It was red just a few hours before this appointment and now there was no sign of irritation. Thankfully the vet is familiar with Reiki and said that everything happens fast in a dog's life, even their healing process because their life spans are not very long. I was grateful he recognized the significance of energy healing and didn't make me feel foolish.

"We left the vet's office with a clean bill of health and when I got home I was still in somewhat of disbelief that there was no sign of redness so I examined both paws again, fully and there was nothing to be found. I have always trusted the power of energy healing but to also witness the visual effects of something like this is nothing short of a miracle. Just had to share this beautiful story with you. I am blessed to have met you Diane and hope you get to meet the love of my life, Wrigley, soon."

Laura Nevell
Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki




Non-Anesthesia Animal Dental Hygienist Promotes Reiki


“Hi, my name is Letisha Isabella & my Non Anesthesia Dental Service is “Holistic Pet Care ". I have been providing my service since 1990 thanks to my own Pet Pals. I didn't feel that it was necessary to anaesthetize them for routine Dental Cleanings, nor is it safe to use Anesthesia routinely. As an Animal Advocate I am always interested in Healthy Healing modalities for myself as well as our animal friends.
Over the past year I have had the pleasure of meeting Diane Larson & providing my Dental Hygiene service for 2 of her adorable cats. Diane had prepared her kitties for their Dentals by applying some Reiki treatments prior to my arrival. I found her cats to be quite calm when I arrived & I'm sure the Reiki treatments helped them during the actual cleaning process. I think overall it helps center their energy and that of those around them including me.
The energy in Diane’s environment is refreshing and clear as well. I highly recommend her kind and wonderful service to those who are suffering in any way or have pet pals in need of Positive Energy.”


Thank You.
Letisha Isabella


Healing Dog's naturally

Rigby Gets Healed

Energy Healing for Animals

"One of the primary reasons I decided to take the First Degree Reiki training with Diane was to support my family's health.  One family member in particular has benefited greatly from this work: our dog, Rigby.  As an energetic, ball-obsessed and goofy animal with longer-than-normal legs, Rigby suffers more than his fair share of minor injuries.  He's also a pretty anxious and easily agitated dog.

Since beginning to practice Reiki with him, Rigby has healed more quickly than normal from quite a few injuries: his claw splitting open to the quick, one of his back knees getting 'tweaked' to the point he couldn't weight it, and more.  The most significant issue was a swollen mass between two of his toes which led to a vet visit and potential surgery.  Reiki came to the rescue when he broke out in hives from the antibiotics they gave us - the mass had reduced in size by half in the time it took for the hives to subside!  A few more days and it was virtually gone, he wasn't limping, and he was chasing his ball obsessively once again.

Each time I put my Reiki hands on him; he quiets down and looks at me calmly and intently.  Soon I can feel the energy flowing and can sometimes visually see changes take place.  It always amazes me how receptive he is!

I really love sharing Reiki with animals and people and am excited to continue on this path."


Lisa Holz
Mancos, CO,

Student of Seattle City Reiki

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