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Client & Student Testimonials

Client & Student Testimonials

The following testimonials are written by my clients and students. May they bring you hope and inspiration as they shed light on what is possible with Reiki.

Reiki Assists During Pace Maker Operation


 “I relaxed into the beneficent arms of your Reiki. The mere thought of the treatment allowed me to feel relaxed, encouraged, warm and safe. Once you wrote that you were free to do a treatment during my procedure it brought Peace of Mind and pulled the plug on any resistance. I felt at that moment that we live in a loving Universe and that all would be good.... All would be fine." 

 "Thank you Diane, Reiki helped very much in all areas mentioned in your Distant Reiki Treatment Report and went beyond the report to instill a wonderful feeling of confidence, well-being and Peace. I'm relaxing now and filled with gratitude."

"Diane's heart is pure and intentions to heal vibrate at a very high level.  In short: Diane has the magic touch of a true healer. She is a deeply caring person able to enter the "ego-less" state so as to become a conduit of the Divine Life Force Energy of the Universe. She is then able to utilize That Divine Universal Life Energy to heal in person or at a distance. She has worked her magic on me numerous times both in person and at a distance. She most recently did a Distant Reiki session for me while having a pacemaker operation at the University of Washington Medical Center. Just knowing she was doing the session set my mind at ease. A peaceful, easy feeling overcame me even before entering the procedure room. A person's mind set is essential in facing an operation. My mind set became one of comfort and courage. The operating table seemed to welcome me as did all the attending physicians and nurse attendees. Any fears evaporated including the fear of Death. I welcomed whatever transpired. The entire situation was actually quite mystical and went smoothly. Thank you Diane. I am happy to tell you all went well. I’m feeling good. I had the best night sleep ever last night. The incision is healing nicely. Every day in every way I am healing."

Steve Heller 
Lopez Island, WA       

Pain in Knees from Arthritis Helped


“I want to let you know how much you have changed my life. I first came to you because of the arthritis in my knee. Not only did Reiki help my knee pain, but it also helped other parts of my body feel better as well. When you gave my very first Reiki treatment I noticed pressure from behind my eyes was gone, which made me feel more alert.
Because of your encouragement, I took the classes for First Degree Reiki so that I could give myself Reiki when I am not in Maui. I believe that because of Reiki I am prolonging the day when I will require a knee replacement.


Robin Hueber

Anchorage, Alaska




“Thank you for the Reiki Training!  It was a truly wonderful experience. It’s all so new, I’m enjoying my time with Reiki. I’m definitely sleeping better than I have in over a year. I’m enjoying exploring and learning. I’ve ordered many of the books you recommended to have on hand. It’s quite possible Reiki fixed a hitch in my right knee that had bothering me for a few weeks prior. My work’s Union contract, that we’ve been acrimoniously bargaining for over a year, suddenly saw positive movement (not sure if my new Reiki practice ripples that far!), and an Earthlite Harmony DX massage table, barely used, with bolster and full sheet set, was waiting for me on Craigslist at a very affordable price!  This week has been easier and positive. I’ve still got a little of the Western skepticism, but I am trusting and surrendering and it’s been positive!”


Vicki H.

Seattle, WA

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Easier and More Positive with Reiki


Goodbye Asthma Medications



"Like many Reiki enthusiasts, I'm marvel at how much my life has changed since introducing Reiki into my life!  For you asthma sufferers out there, I've got some incredible news for you -- I'm off my meds, completely -- inside of a year!  I've had asthma since I was a child (the kind that typically gets worse as you age).  I won't go thru the litany of prescribed medications that I've taken over the past 40+ years, but let's say it's a lot.  Just a year ago, I was on a steroid inhaler multiple times a day, supplementing as needed with oral steroids, as well as rescue inhalers.  And tied to the asthma meds were requisite antihistamines (OTC), as well as nasal corticosteroids.  Currently, I'm off all those medications -- with an occasional upset related to seasonal fluxation -- but truly exception based.  But I can tell people unequivocally how much better I feel NOT putting those medications into my body day in and day out; in hindsight, I just didn't have a sense of how toxic they are after lengthy periods ot time.


I'm not advocating this is the best course of action for all sufferers, but it was an option I gladly embraced -- and which I directly attribute to my continued Reiki practice (First Degree initiation 9 months ago).  And I have Diane Larson to thank ... for treating me first as a client, then later taking me as a student!  Do yourself a favor and consider Reiki!"


Leslie Grossman

Seattle, WA

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Helps during Thyroid Surgery


“I have been seeing Diane for Reiki Treatments to relieve stress; I also took the First Degree Reiki training with her. When I had to undergo a full thyroidectomy, I feel the Reiki Treatments I received from Diane and my self-treatments helped in my quick recovery. I had a few treatments prior to surgery and a distance treatment literally right before the surgery started, while in my hospital gown. I could literally feel my body relax when she started the distant treatment -amazing! I was up and walking a few hours after surgery, had an amazing amount of energy (despite having a bad head cold as well!) and had zero nausea. Post-surgery, I did self-treatments and a couple with Diane. The self-treatments helped with sleep, which is so essential for recovery. I was off the pain meds two days after surgery and really felt back to myself after a few days. My nurses and surgeon were pretty amazed at my recovery!


My treatments with Diane allowed my body to release and let go of the trauma I had experienced emotionally and physically. I would recommend to anyone requiring surgery to get as much Reiki energy as possible into their body! I know it really helped me.”

Lori K.

Seattle, WA
Student of Seattle City Reiki


 Tension and Anxiety Dissolves


We returned home from our trip to Seattle yesterday, and I am happy to report that I am still feeling the positive effects of my Reiki treatment. All of the tension and anxiety I have felt for so long is gone! Another thing I realized after I left is that I can breathe "deeply" again--one thing I haven't done in a very long time. I used to find myself breathing pretty shallowly -- sometimes even holding my breath--maybe associated with the tension I was feeling...? I also do not have the overwhelmed/scattered feeling that I had before. Reiki is truly amazing!

I definitely am looking forward to scheduling another appointment when we make it over to the west side again. Hopefully soon!”


Stephanie Kelly

Post Falls, Idaho

Reiki Assists During Childbirth


"Reiki Master Diane Larson works wonders near or far. When I was pregnant, I received Distant Reiki during delivery. After 12 hours of labor, Diane received a phone call about how I was progressing; she is a dear close family friend of mine. She got on the phone with me and asked me if it was possible if I could relax and try to receive the Reiki. We hung the phone up, and every person who was in the hospital miraculously left me alone for awhile.
I finally relaxed, and was actually able to nap for awhile. When I wasn't displaying any further they broke my water, and very shortly after that my doctor told me Maysons heart rate was slowing and we needed to go to the operating room for a possible c section. Diane received another phone call about what was happening, and gave me yet another treatment. She told Mayson it was time, and sure enough I delivered normally to a beautiful healthy boy.
Now almost a year later after taking my First Degree Reiki class, I noticed how when I received Reiki from my fellow classmates and my Reiki Master, I experienced the same visuals and inner body experiences I did during child birth and receiving Diane's Distant Reiki. Once you are blessed with the flow of Reiki you are just grounded. You trust your inner self, which guides you in the right direction.
There are so many examples I can give on the miraculous and wonderful work of Reiki and how it has touched my son and I. Just allow the natural healing of Reiki flow in your life once, and you will see and feel all you need to."


Miranda Talbott

Seaside, California

Student of Seattle City Reiki

 Prescription Drug Dependency Ends


"I'm writing to let you know how very much your Reiki treatment has helped me. If you remember, my husband and I were in Hawaii on vacation. The day before we left from home, I was so sick that I pleaded with my husband to cancel our whole trip. I felt so weak, dizzy, sleepy and disoriented that I couldn't even hold myself upright long enough to pack. He insisted that I'd feel better when I got to Hawaii, and told me just to relax and that he would do the packing. Somehow he got us out of the house and to the airport The reason I was feeling so badly is that I was trying to stop using a prescription anti-anxiety drug. Many anti-anxiety drugs such as the one I'd been prescribed are very addictive. When the patient wants to stop, or even cut down on the drug, severe side effects such as vertigo, sleepiness, confused/slowed thinking and brain shocks may be experienced. So, although I finally made it to Hawaii and was feeling better, I still felt only "half alive."
Luckily, I was able to get an appointment for a Reiki treatment with you. For that I will always be grateful. I know that all healing comes from God. But I also know that God works through special, caring people and grants them His healing touch. I had a definite medical problem which caused me suffering for years. Your Reiki treatment eased my suffering immediately, alleviated my symptoms, and left me with a profound sense of relaxation and peace. Within a very short time, I was completely off the drug and feeling balanced and normal again. Thank you Diane, with all my heart. Keep up God's Good Work."


Sharon G.

Scottsdale, AZ

Lowers Blood Pressure, Sleeps Deeper


"Since completing my First Degree Reiki training I have received benefits from my Reiki self-practice that I did not foresee before I decided to take the classes. Besides making me able to relax more I have used my self-treatments on nights that I cannot sleep. I actually look forward going to bed now that I have such a valuable tool to get me through the night. In addition whenever I am stressed, my blood pressure goes up but the Reiki has helped me to control my blood pressure to normal levels.
I have also benefited from giving treatments. I have always wanted to be able to have an outlet to help others. In my Reiki exchanges I have felt a warm connection to the recipient that is very fulfilling."


Bela Rua,
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Migraine Gone


“Diane Larson gave me a Distant Reiki Treatment to help get rid of my migraine. I had taken everything to help it and nothing worked except for Reiki. As Diane started and I lay down on my bed a few minutes went by and my migraine was already easing away. By twenty minutes it was gone! I felt so much better and so thankful for Reiki!”

Megan Wood

Haiku, Hawaii


Chronic Shoulder Pain Never Returns


“When I received my Reiki treatment from Diane Larson, I was able to get past a chronic pain in my shoulder.
I had been dealing with this pain for several months and had tried massage to alleviate the pain. The massage would help but then a couple of weeks later, the same muscle group would tense up and the pain would return. I would go for another massage and so the cycle continued. I thought I would try Reiki to help me with this problem. I had a very unique experience during my Reiki treatment with Diane. From this area where I was having tightness and pain I could feel a very profound tingling, as if a millipede was crawling on the area where I had the pain. Of course, there was no millipede but the sensation was that strong. The most amazing thing is that after my Reiki treatment with Diane the pain never returned. I would also like to comment how peaceful & relaxed Diane made me feel. She really took time to listen to me. It was such a great experience that I would do it again and consider it for other ailments as well.”


Anabela Junker

Lahaina, Hawaii


Improved Back Issue, Cleansing and Purifying,
Energy Cleared


"I experienced a dynamic healing energy from several Reiki treatments. This allowed me to have much more ease in my body. I had been having sacral stiffness and soreness that limited movement. Since I am an energy worker, I am used to having body and energy awareness. With Reiki, there was no pressure or effort required to do anything. What I noticed was the focused concentration of my practitioner, the inflow of energy, and the ongoing heat of that energy transfer.
The sessions were timeless. Often, there were deeper levels of healing, being accessed and processed. At times, I was aware of thoughts, or feelings coming up as my practitioner’s hands directed energy to parts of my body. Sometimes there were memories, as well images that seemed more universal. I felt a lifting, a transformation of all these elements. For me, the experience was cleansing and purifying. Also, my practitioner and the healing energy helped me surrender and let go of whatever I was holding. Having my own energy cleared, as well as letting go of energy entanglement from others was key for my path of consciousness training. It also improved my back issue. The force of Reiki is a loving healing power with great benefits."


Margaret Phanes

Lodi, California

Reiki Heals Psoriasis


"I've always been a skeptic when it comes to matters of alternative healing, however my eyes have been opened to the miracle that is Reiki.

"I am a part-time handy-man with 30 years background in the home improvement and remodel realm and though things most often go along as planned, sometimes situations occur from being too hasty in trying to keep deadlines to stay on target when completing jobs. I was working for Diane Larson on her West Seattle home and everything was going according to schedule on a hardwood floor install. Since I do nearly all my work with hand tools as opposed to pneumatic tools (air compressor) and being increasingly arthritic for the past 10 years sometimes my body doesn't work the way I'm used to. I was installing baseboard molding when I struck my thumb and the pain was so excruciating I would have sworn I fractured the bone. I told Diane I may have to go to the hospital, and what happened next to this day I still don't truly understand. Grasping my wounded hand between her palms within seconds the pain completely disappeared, my jaw dropped. This by itself is amazing to me, but there's one more thing to add. I have suffered from psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis my whole life. Two days later the wounded hand was psoriasis free!

"I don't know how it works but I'm now a true believer, thank you Diane for helping me that day."

Mike Jess

Lincoln City, OR

Cancer Symptoms Alliviated by Reiki


I began treating "D" on the 12th of January. He had been treated with radiation and chemotherapy over the past three years, the past year and a half having been included in research treatments in Seattle. His bladder cancer was metastasis in the surrounding area of the bladder. He was having difficulty walking without the assistance of a walker and had fallen twice in the two weeks prior to beginning Reiki treatments, having injured his lower rib cage and thus was in considerable pain. Each chemo. treatment caused sores in his mouth to the extent that he found it difficult to eat. His energy level was quite low, being exhausted walking from the bedroom to the living room. He walked with a shuffle. He had lost all of his hair, and he was always cold.


I treated him every day the first week. He quickly fell asleep with each treatment, yet he said he had felt considerable heat in certain positions. By the 5th treatment he was walking without his walker and the pain in his chest had been reduced to allow him greater mobility. Each treatment seemed to leave him with more energy. Both he and his wife claimed that his energy level was much higher than at any time in the recent past. I did not treat him for the next four days in that he stayed in Seattle with family in preparation for a chemo. treatment at Cancer Care Alliance. The day following chemo. treatment, I found him relaxed, and he said he had not needed the walker all weekend. “D” said that he was full of energy which was not the normal after having had chemo.


Two days later the three of us assessed what was happening with “D.” He possessed more energy. The pain in his chest was gone. He had not yet developed mouth sores from the chemo. He was eager to get started with the Reiki treatment! He slept throughout the treatment. I was informed as I was leaving that “D” and his wife were leaving for Reno for 5 days. It was wonderful to hear that he felt well enough to travel, but it made my inner sense balk. I bade them good traveling.

As I had suspected, the trip to Reno drained “D.” He was a bit unsteady and appeared less exuberant. He claimed he was feeling fine and that he had paced himself in Reno. He slept through most of the treatment. Two days later “D” seemed to have been restored with energy. He slept through much of the treatment and commented on the warmth in his body.

Again, treatment two days hence was similar to the last treatment, but he walked noticeably more stable. He even requested that we play Pinochle. Three rounds later he expressed that his energy level seems to be growing.


In the following treatments I found his energy level to be sustained. My assessment to this point is that Reiki is having dramatic impact on the quality of “D”s life. “D” will have a scan in March. At that time we will be waiting in anticipation for the results. Meanwhile, we will continue treatments as often as possible. We might even get in a few rounds of Pinochle.

Ed Frodel,
Poulsbo, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Helps with Nerve Damage


“I asked Diane Larson to do a Distant Reiki Treatment for my dear friend's boyfriend who was stabbed with a knife in the back of his thigh and calf, partially severing his Femoral artery. The circumstances of the accident are key as he lives on an island in the Caribbean where there is no hospital or trauma treatment facility. The only medic-center was a far distant from his home where the accident occurred and the emergency vehicles do not operate on Sundays, ironically the day of the accident. I gave Diane as much information as I had and could find via the internet in regards to the location of the aforementioned medic-center where they were (attempting to) perform an emergency surgery to suture the arteries. He was fortunate enough to have a local friend that donated blood because he had lost an incredible amount en route to the medic-center after the accident (a neighbor drove him to the center after the stabbing).
After the surgery and the Distant Reiki Treatment, Diane told me that at the beginning of the Reiki treatment the Reiki Healing Energy went directly to his feet. Although the surgery was a success, the damage was in his feet. The severed vein and other cuts sustained were so deep that nerve damage was unavoidable. Indeed, Reiki knew this damaged area was where it needed the most treatment and that is why the Reiki Energy went to his feet first during the distant treatment.
He is currently on the mainland USA receiving proper rehabilitation treatment in a facility specializing in such cases of nerve damage repair.”


R. Amanda Gravitte

Kaanapali, Hawaii

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