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Reiki for Animals


Reiki Master Diane Larson providing Reiki to the residents at the East Maui Animal Refuge

  Unfortunately, our animal companions are incapable of verbally expressing their health issues. Therefore, Reiki is a preferred choice for treatment since the energy naturally directs itself to the source of any ailment or condition, resulting in lessening or removal of unwanted symptoms whether on the mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual levels.  Animals have heightened intuition; most instinctively sense Reiki is something that is good for them. As sensory beings, animals can reap great benefits from a modality, such as Reiki, which works directly through the senses.


  It is recommended that your animal companion begin with a series of Distant Reiki Treatments. Distant Reiki allows them to connect with the energy itself, creating a sense of familiarity and trust as it deeply mends. I administer Reiki Treatments to a diverse array of species; cats, dogs, goats, cows, horses, deer, pigs, fish, birds and others, it brings immeasurable joy to witness them feeling better and seeing their ailments diminish or disappear, as animals hold a special place in my heart.

Animal Reiki Success Stories

 The following testimonials were submitted by my clients and students. Enjoy reading these accounts of incredible healings.

Reiki Supports Witness the Dog During Amputation

Dogs heal with Reiki

1st Distant Reiki Treatment
“I do truly appreciate this - I know this is having such a huge healing effect on him. I only briefly mentioned it last night, but several people at the vet independently from one another mentioned that he'd handled the anesthesia incredibly well yesterday - apparently much better than they expected. I chalk it up entirely to the healing power of Reiki.”


2nd Distant Reiki Treatment
“ He's doing a lot better - eating better, walking quite well (even on the hardwood floors), the incision healing cleanly, his old personality showing again - altogether really quite amazing how well he's doing, just two weeks out. I'm starting to wean him off his pain meds for the first time in months, which is a nice feeling.”


3rd Distant Reiki Treatment
“Well, they didn't get to his chemo before the treatment was over, but he still got a huge calming/de-stress benefit from it! I was waiting with him out in the car in the parking lot. Within ten minutes he went from panting so hard he was rocking the car, sitting up, and whining in anxiety, to peacefully resting on his side. You could see the Reiki bliss in his eyes! Truly a wonderful, calming, healing experience for him!”


4th Distant Reiki Treatment
“Witness is doing really well! I left him home with Alan, which made him a little depressed (he's so bonded to me that he gets really down when I'm not home, as you can imagine), but he's looking really bright-eyed, ate well for me last night and this morning, his fur looks great... generally he seems to be really doing well. I didn't have a chance to give him a treatment last night, but I'll do so tonight. I think he carries a lot of damage from his early years on the track; for a dog that obviously wants to be one person's dog - to have one person to love wholeheartedly, being a number in a system must have been rather traumatizing.”


Katie Henry | Student of Seattle City Reiki
Issaquah, Washington

Reiki Assists to Heal Cat’s Arthritic Hips

Reiki Heals Cats

1st Reiki Treatment-“Diane, you’re so sweet to check in on Cole! Like a script from your playbook, he came home and tanked up on his water at various points in the day. He was quite alert once home, but not what I would call “active” or playing. Then he was asleep — he seemed to take the super chill route and apparently slept comfortably thru the night. I could be just seeing what I want to see, but I got the sense that he was walking and moving with less discomfort; his gait seemed to have less of the old man shuffle & scrunch. I’m curious as to how he managers thru the rest of the week. Many thanks for your time and assistance! I booked another appointment for him (hands-on) for Sunday, Feb 15 — So I’ll see you then!”


2nd Reiki Treatment-“Hey Diane! Cole is doing great. And how great you might ask? Well, he came home after the treatment, tanked up on water, then went in for a nap in the sun. Then he was perky & frisky. So much so, he was being naughty/mischievous with me, and bossing/wrestling with his sister Lourdes to exert his dominance. That is normal Cole, so I think he's feeling much better. I just booked another appt for him this coming Sunday 2/22.”

3rd Reiki Treatment-“Hah! Cole-man is doing great, Diane! I can really see how the iterative treatments are really helping this guy out. After Sunday's session, he wasn't sleepy right away, and used his renewed energy for an extensive groom-fest. I call that out considering that his grooming habits have gotten lax having to reach back in the arthritic areas, so I was pleased to see this. He had a kibble snack, then a nap, and awoke hungry! I was making a "kitty congee" and was chopping up the chicken to boil, and he came to me and was standing up begging for raw scraps -- a favorite habit that I haven't seen him do in quite some time. He ate the raw, then moved onto the congee later that day. He has been incredibly content since then .
As usual, many thanks for your healing help! We'll see you again soon."


Leslie Grossman
Seattle, Washington

                                            Animal Refuge Acknowledges Reiki Benefits



"I am very appreciative when Diane comes to do her healing work at the East Maui Animal Refuge. Whenever she gives the animals Reiki it seems like they instinctively know that it is good for them as they gather around her receiving the healing benefits. When she is done she leaves them deeply relaxed and at peace."


Samantha Fairchild,
East Maui Animal Refuge

                    Reiki Supports Pug During Neutering | Reiki Helps to Keep Cat Cancer-Free



“Diane has showed me that Reiki can do amazing things. I will always be grateful to her for showing me how Reiki can improve one's life. When I found out how beneficial Reiki was to my health and happiness, it was only natural I would want to share that with my family, including my pets.

My little black pug, Louie, has had Reiki in his life since the day we met. I flew over to Oahu to pick him up. He not only had to deal with leaving his mama, but his first plane ride as well, at seven weeks old. Of course he wasn't excited to be in a tiny little carrier by himself under a seat, but as soon as I put my Reiki hands on him, he settled and didn't make another peep. A little later on we had come to the decision to get him neutered. He had had some allergy issues and we were concerned about the sedation required for the procedure. I have no doubt Diane's distant Reiki treatment guided Louie smoothly and quickly thru the procedure. Our pug family also includes Sophie, cruising her way to 15 years old. At one point, cancer was found in Sophie's leg. We were told that the chances of complete recovery after the surgery were not very good. That was three years ago. I have no doubt that Sophie is here today, doing pretty good for herself and coming right up on fifteen years old, due to Reiki in her life. I am grateful everyday for Sophie and Louie, to Diane for showing me the light of Reiki, and for the endless benefits that have come from having it in my life.”


Cassandre Huschke

Kahana, Hawaii

Grizz is Healing

Energy Healing for Dogs and Cats

1st Reiki (Distant) Treatment- "Yes, I do think Grizz has some subtle changes. I think the muscles in both hind quarters are a bit more relaxed. He seems a little more mobile today."


2nd Reiki (Hands-on) Treatment- "He has been doing much better since his treatment on Wednesday. The hip muscles seem to be softening, and he seems to have less tension in the neck and upper back. I hope we continue to see improvement in the chest/shoulder muscles. I think if we can release those blocks, he will regain some mobility."


3rd Reiki (Distant) Treatment- "Well..whatever treatment you did must have worked. On Friday night Grizz was frolicking like a puppy with our boxer friend Nigel. He has not played with other dogs in years. He is typically disinterested and cranky. He was more like his old self than I have seen in a long time."
Thank you Diane


Marcy R.

Seattle, Washington

                                                                     Mouse Rescued by Reiki


“A week or so before my Second Degree Reiki training with Diane, I was walking at Lincoln Park early in the morning and noticed something strange at the shoreline. Something about it made me stop walking and stopped my busy mind as well. As the waves moved in and out one of the stones hopped and skipped irregularly. Upon closer inspection I realized it wasn't a stone at all but a small creature! I scooped a very tiny mouse out of the tide. Taking a peak at its condition I decided that simply putting it into the brush wouldn't do. But what to do? What would Diane do? Diane is my real life St. Francis, friends to animals great and small. I heard her voice, "ask Reiki" she said. And Reiki answered. I walked back to the parking lot with the mouse in my gloved hands. I gave the mouse a Reiki treatment that created a good amount of heat.


Reiki guided me to keep him with me while I ran errands so he enjoyed warming up in my car under the heater. Errands led me to Queen Anne. It was here that I gently deposited him, fluffed out and alert, under an overgrowth of ivy. He didn't run away when I set him down. He looked up at me for some time and twitched his whiskers. I felt him say thank you. I am thankful to Reiki for the heightened intuition I enjoy every day which brings me experiences such as these. I am thankful to Reiki for the healing it brings.... to all creatures great and small. And I am thankful to my Reiki mentor Diane, who inspires and guides me to enjoy all that Reiki has to offer.”


Chandra Travers
Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Saves Betta Fish from Failing Health


"Mr. Fishman is still thriving. We had gone out of town and it was evident when we came home that he had a slight relapse and seemed a little weaker than he had been since I was doing reiki on him. I have continued to work with him and he is back in action. It's funny he will swim from one end of his little tank to my hand and then stay there for a minute or two and then swim away when he's had his fill. It's just nice to see him happy and lively again."


Sarah Stival

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Seattle, Washington

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