Client & Student Testimonials

Reiki Heals Heartache

"Diane is amazingly nurturing, kind and open. The Reiki experience at Seattle City Reiki has been so rewarding. Diane allows Reiki energy to flow through her to heal. She's helped with physical maladies, heartache, stress and mental focus. She is a positive healer. I have gained so much from her and every treatment builds upon the last. Diane is a gem and we are so fotunate to have her in Seattle."

Ashley F.

Seattle, Washington

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Emotional Stress on Body Gone


"I went into Reiki treatment thinking it would be something like feather dusting my aura.  What I found is an energy that reached down to the marrow of my being.
Diane is a clear and loving conduit of powerful healing energy - not just of body, but emotional/mental as well.  The right side of my body had been overburdened by years of emotional stress.  Stepping up a curb was not without pain and difficulty.  After my first treatment for this, my whole side began to feel a release, and now I walk with a spring in my step again!  Thank you Diane!"

Nancy Larson

Eugene, Oregon

Hope Instilled


"Your reiki class has instilled in me hope. It's given me different  access to the Source. It has created new ways of thinking in me that I didn't even know was possible a couple years ago. My perspective and pirorities have shifted. Thanks for all you do. I feel blessed to have met you and look forward to continued learning from you."


Suzanne D.

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki


Reiki Produces Sustained Energy


"The first couple days after the training, people who I had not talked to in a long time contacted me. I follow the 2X day self-treatments regularly - I have a lot more energy than usual and I'm able to sustain the energy over time as well. This is so unusual that I got suspicious - so I stopped the treatments last weekend. Oh my god! Was that ever the wrong thing to do. I was completely lethargic and did not want to move/do anything. Yesterday, morning I started the treatments again and it's like a magic switch turned on again - lots of energy; and I can stay calm even when things that used to upset me happen.


Thanks so much for the wonderful experience and the energy - it is a huge blessing given my health issues."



Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

 Personal Issues Enormously Helped


"Diane is truly wonderful - a caring, lovely person and amazing Reiki master and healer. She not only has helped me enormously personally, she also gave loving care to my dog as he was going through cancer (he's currently in remission). I've since taken her First Degree Reiki training, and she's always just a text or email away with any questions or needs. I couldn't recommend her more highly."

Katie H.

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

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Understands the True Healing of Reiki


"Diane is awesome!  I had been to other Reiki practitioners in the past, with little or no results.  It wasn't until I met Diane, that I understood the true healing of Reiki.  Diane is sincerely compassionate and caring, and I would highly recommend her to anyone for healing."

Joanna R.

Seattle, Washington

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Life Changing Experience

"This has been a life changing experience that I am so thankful for and cannot wait to use and share throughout my life! At this moment I can't think of any questions I still have. Any I had before are being answered through new Reiki experiences. I have had some beautiful happenings with friends and coworkers who have asked for mini treatments. Emotional releases and renewed energy in all! I myself have never felt better as a whole. My jaw is feeling FANTASTIC. I have yet to have a day where my jaw or neck aches. And my mental clarity and emotional waves have gotten much better. It's phenomenal. I am so very thankful and want to thank you for being an inspiring teacher in all that you and your presence brings."

Angela Beaulaurier

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

Reiki Instills a Calm State at The Dentist


"Thank you so much for this experience, I am so thankful to have you as my Reiki Master.  Your presence and energy really

does embody the relaxing and loving characteristics of Reiki. I thoroughly enjoyed your Reiki training and so glad I was drawn to it.  I have done my best so far to give self treatments at night and in the mornings.  I've fallen asleep multiple times while doing self treatments at night but have eventually accepted that Reiki helps me fall asleep when the time is right

but I do try to make sure I complete all 12 positions in the morning.


I had my tooth extracted this past Tuesday and while drills were buzzing in my mouth and the dentist was literally pulling at my tooth, I began to focus on the reiki flowing through my hands to where ever I can discretely place it while laying on the dentist chair.  It definitely helped to put me in a calm state.  And I made sure to do self treatments afterwards.  I didn't feel the need to use any pain relieve medication after the numbness wore off thankfully! I continue to remember your words

in the training and take away the knowing that Reiki is indeed working for my highest good. I'm excited for what Reiki will continue to do for me and possibly what Reiki can do for others through me in the future."

Samantha S.

Seattle, Washington

Student of Seattle City Reiki

North Seattle

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Diane Larson

Reiki Master

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