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Three Levels of Reiki Training



First Degree Class 12 Hours 2 to 4 consecutive days  -      GROUNDING                                    

History                                                                Opening, receiving, clearing, cleansing

Four initiations to start the flow of Reiki

Treatment for self and others

Hand positions

The spiritual precepts                                                                                                                   Energy Exchange   $450


Practice time of three months required before Second Degree Training.

The Reiki Alliance certificate or comparable training needed.


Second Degree Class – 12 Hours 2 to 4 consecutive days  -    INITIATION                   

Review of First Degree                                       Agreement to serve yourself and others

One initiation to connect with Reiki symbols

Three symbols

Use of symbols                                                                                                                             Energy Exchange $650


Practice time of one year required before master training.  Candidates may complete application sooner and be given assignments as advance preparation.  After a minimum of one year training is completed, masters are initiated and ready to teach First and Second degree students.   Three years teaching experience is necessary before accepting a master candidate.  First and Second degree Alliance certificates or comparable training needed.


Master Training – Minimum of One year Personal Training - COMMITMENT


Living the spiritual precepts

Further use of symbols

Teaching and Living Reiki                                                                                                           Energy Exchange $10,000

One Initiation

Master Symbol   Minimum one year personal training plus lifetime commitment

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