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Finding Gratitude

Praying Hands finding gratitude

Gratitude makes the simplest things seem extraordinary. When we genuinely feel gratefulness it seems as though we have everything we need and desire. A deep sensation of satisfaction and peace begins to grow overcoming any ego-based thoughts of "not enough". As we become aware of the countless benefits of Reiki we notice that feeling gratitude is on that long list of perks. Finding Gratitude through Reiki is possible since Reiki works proficiently to remove the burdensome negative thought patterns which take up way too much room in our minds, robbing us of harmony and elation, making gratitude feel like a foreign concept.

Working with the inexhaustible life giving energy of Reiki fosters "living" in the very moment, relishing the quiet contemplative seconds of "now". This energy which brings such tranquility cultivates an essence of time slowing down just enough to enjoy every precious moment as gratefulness overflows from our being. The self-love Reiki instills within enhances this atmosphere of appreciation and affects all we encounter in a positive way. We catch ourselves thanking everything and everyone as Reiki helps us rediscover the fascination of living with, at times, childlike wonder.

"Show gratitude to every living thing" The Fifth Reiki Precept

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