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Distant Reiki Helps Newborns Adjust

The adjustment experience from two very different atmospheres, womb to earth, can be a bit jarring for some newborns. The cozy quiet and perfect temperature, their singular home for over 9 months, gives way to loud bright and fluctuating climates. This very abrupt change can cause some newborns to undergo some sensory overload, as their very delicate system tries its hardest to become accustomed to their new environment. Unfortunately this dramatic adjustment can at times affect their physical, mental and emotional health.

The Life Force Energy, which is Reiki, comes from the same place that baby originated thus bringing a sense of familiarity to them, reminding them of their very special womb room. Connecting to the energy of Reiki, via Distant Treatments, helps newborns feel more at ease during this transformative time allowing the important integrative process to organically flow in a more effortless fashion. In turn their wellbeing on all levels strengthens and activates. 

As baby learns to tune into the frequency of this planet and life upon her, with the profund support, grounding and healing of Reiki, their introduction to earth can be a much more pleasent and joyful experience. 


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