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Reiki and Women's Hormones

Reiki effectively assists in regulating women's monthly hormonal cycles by bringing our bodies into the parasympathetic nervous system mode or the rest and digest as it is sometimes called. It is in this state stress is greatly reduced, emotions become more balanced, the mind returns to its natural state of clarity, our body is able to realign energetically, and an optimization of physiological functions associated with hormonal balance is ushered in.

Reiki increases the flow of energy to the hormone-producing organs thus creating peak function and equanimity. The energy of Reiki works directly to alleviate pain associated with monthly menstrual cycles since it relieves muscular tension and reduces inflammation within the uterus and all areas of the body. The centering and grounding effect Reiki instills promotes a deep sense of well-being and support which helps us navigate our daily life in a more effortless fashion.


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