Reiki for your Medicine and Food

To infuse medicine and food with Reiki is to balance it out and align it with your individual system. The possibility of Reiki lessening side effects from medication, including chemotherapy & radiation as well as medical procedures is evident for most people and animals since this "energy medicine" activates ones immune system response ushering in the self healing process. Filling anything with Reiki invariably promotes wellness and initiates detoxification on every level so the damaging effects some medications contain can become less severe. Administering Reiki to food and beverages helps to remove impurities as impurities are a form of blocked energy and toxic to our health, never working for our Highest Good. As we have learned through our Reiki Practice, Reiki continually fosters what is for our Highest Good. When we enjoy a meal out, although the food may be of high quality and organic, the chef preparing our dish may be in an emotional state of upset which transfers to the food we ingest. So adding Reiki to our meal assists in the removal of emotional blocked energy in addition to any physical/toxic blocks.

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