September 21, 2017

 Frequently I observe worries concerning money become a paralyzing factor in one's life as it squeezes the freedom and joy from their existence. The irrational fear of not having it or loosing it is in fact creating a unhealthy and imbalanced relationship with money and can literally cause financial loss and/or slow down the flow of money into ones life. Some folks have shared with me that they sometimes lay awake at night unable to sleep worried about thei...

Frequently my patients and I discover the origin of their disease or unwanted symptoms can be traced back to childhood trauma, abuse and/or intense emotional upsets. As children we don't have the "tools" to protect ourselves emotionally so we, like little sponges, soak up the good, the bad and the ugly. The internalization of these heavy and at times fearful emotions compile through the years as we learn to suppress them in creative and unrele...

Reiki Establishes the Precise Condition for Healing as it shifts your system into parasympathetic nervous system dominance.When the PNS is dominant, the body is in rest and digest mode, and its focal point is to balance, heal, thoroughly nurture and restore itself.

February 15, 2017

With every Reiki Self Treatment we gift ourselves the element of pure love is introduced and absorbed into our system and world. Honoring yourself with energy healing daily stimulates an infinite and profound self love absent of the unhealthy aspect of "ego". The more we love ourselves the more we can love others and show appreciation for all of life. Our lives become aligned with this self love which is always present yet at times buried deep within our be...

 If we knew what wonderful creations we were capable of if we didn't allow our minds to "limit" us we would live more fully and happily. The constrictive fear based thought patterns which have been ingrained in us from infancy to current don't promote living our ultimate potential.  Within this unlimited potential lies our profound peace and unquestionable trust in the organically perfected process of life, knowing we are completely supported and loved....

We are energetic beings made of light energy, the movement of this energy creates a particular vibratory rate. Reiki is considered Vibrational Medicine since it raises our vibrational rate which brings us closer to enlightenment and an optimum state of health on all levels; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The energy of Reiki itself is of an extremely high vibratory rate that encourages our personal vibrational rate to rise. Reiki affects the subt...

More often then not it is "emotional" blocked energy we have been suppressing throughout our lifetimes that at some point "leaks" out in the form of ailments on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels. Reiki works diligently to heal the emotional blocked energy which is often the origin of our ailments.

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The Message Within

January 9, 2019

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North Seattle

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