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Healing our Relationship with Money

Frequently I observe worries concerning money become a paralyzing factor in one's life as it squeezes the freedom and joy from their existence. The irrational fear of not having it or loosing it is in fact creating a unhealthy and imbalanced relationship with money and can literally cause financial loss and/or slow down the flow of money into ones life. Some folks have shared with me that they sometimes lay awake at night unable to sleep worried about their financial state.

As one begins to develop a relationship with Reiki, we learn we can "heal" our relationship with money just as we can "heal" our relationship with another person. Money is energy. When we start to emit positive loving thoughts towards money we began to develop a healthy and abundant relationship with it. As we know, our thoughts truly do create our reality. Money fears probably wont be healed overnight, for there are numerous layers to this deep seated worry as we most likely have been accumulating these particular energetic blocks for many years. By staying devoted to your daily Reiki Self Treatments, administering Distant Reiki Treatments to money itself as an energetic body, in addition to Distant Reiki Treatments for healing the "situation" of having money concerns requesting clarity on the root cause and healing it, and receiving Reiki Treatments silently asking Reiki to assist you to heal your money concerns, you will begin to observe a "lifting" and "openness" as Reiki frees up your money worrying thoughts. When this starts to occur you will feel tremendous freedom and liberation and begin to notice money flowing to you from various and at times out-of-the blue sources.

"Giving money is a sacred act"

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