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Reiki Establishes the Precise Condition for Healing

Man relaxing

The Energy Medicine of Reiki creates the appropriate condition to heal your body, mind and emotions as one of its main directives is to shift your system into parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) dominance. When the PNS is dominant, the body is in rest and digest mode, and its focal point is to balance, heal, thoroughly nurture and restore itself. The body inherently knows how to do these things, but unfortunately our busy and high stressed lifestyle keeps us in reactive sympathetic nervous system (SNS) mode, in where the body’s focus is coping (fight or flight), not healing. Pain can get locked into the nervous system even when the condition is gone. The more pain we experience the harder it is to self-heal, as the human body cannot mend in a stressed state. Reiki enables whole system healing; treating the whole person not just the condition as it down regulates the nervous system creating a relaxed state.

It is not possible for our bodies to cope and heal simultaneously. It’s fight/flight or rest/digest- not both at the same time.

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