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Reiki as Vibrational Medicine

Universal Life Energy

We are energetic beings made of light energy, the movement of this energy creates a particular vibratory rate. Reiki is considered Vibrational Medicine since it raises our vibrational rate which brings us closer to enlightenment and an optimum state of health on all levels; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The energy of Reiki itself is of an extremely high vibratory rate that encourages our personal vibrational rate to rise. Reiki affects the subtlest level of our biofield, which we can call the subtle vibrational body, the foundational subtle reality that holds the blueprint for outer, measurable reality.

When one's vibrational rate is lowered, unwanted symptoms such as negative/stress induced emotional states, chronic illness, continually injuring oneself, frequent accidents, caught up in drama and dysfunctional relationships, practicing drug and alcohol abuse are all some of the signs that certain parts of self are energetically vibrating at a lower level.

Indications that one's vibratory rate is at a higher level are; feeling excited about life and/or at peace, good health, the desire to treat others with kindness and respect, effortless and clear communication with others, feeling abundance/ that you have more than "enough", feeling joy and elation, trusting in the natural flow and progression of life, losing the desire to "control" and other indications.

Take the time to allow Reiki to raise your vibrational rate, it will bring tremendous tranquility and improved health.

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