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The Message Within

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What message does your dis-ease or condition hold for you? Reiki aids in revealing this essential information creating a healing transformation to occur, releasing any unhealthy holding patterns which may be keeping you stuck in the state of dis-ease. Often contained within these messages are memories of painful or traumatic experiences which can cause our unhealthy habitual patterns to form, in Reiki we commonly discover it is precisely these painful/traumatic experiences that are the source of our dis-ease or condition. As we have experienced time and time again, no lesson ever goes away until we learn what it has to teach us. Healing means to make whole, this wholeness initiates personal development and inner growth. When parts of self are unlearned it's difficult and at times impossible for true healing to take place.

When we take ownership and transmute the undesirable aspects keeping us sick we begin to understand the crucial job at hand. Holding this responsibility in it's rightful place we become empowered to heal ourselves. At this point concrete and lasting healing occurs. Reiki eloquently ushers in what serves our Highest Purpose and we step more into the divine human being that we are.

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