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The Illusion of Control

Reiki Heals our control issues

The first two Spiritual Precepts of Reiki reflect this preposterous myth of having control. "Just for today, do not worry" and "Just for today, do not anger", often the origin of worry and anger stem from our fear or inability of not having "control" and/or trying to "control" somebody, something or a situation. Sure there are certain situations we must govern, for example when our children run out into the street and our need to maintain their safety, but there are very few of these circumstances in our personal lives.

At times our control issues can be traced back to childhood, since it is during these informative years we haven’t yet produced the “tools” needed to protect ourselves emotionally. If we’ve had deep emotional upsets and/or trauma inflicted upon us during those younger years the skill of “survival” is adapted by us. This survival instinct can get trapped within our nervous system and manifest in fear as this fear becomes orchestrated by our ingrained desire to control.

Reiki is an invaluable tool which fosters surrender to Divine Guidance. As our intuition sharpens and our deep-seated emotional wounds begin to heal we recognize our illusion of control is usually based upon fear, judging, labeling and/or anger in addition to the separateness our "ego-mind"creates. When we carry forward this dualistic attitude in our lives we disconnect from Source and this is precisely the time when our self-defeating desire to "control" is born. Each time we practice Reiki we directly connect with Source, since Reiki is an energetic avenue to Source. Once we begin to feel the "oneness" we all are our fear, anger and worry diminishes and no room is left for the dualistic ego-mind, at this point our hunger for control disappears and tremendous liberation is achieved as we go forward in life trusting in its natural process.

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