More Refined as a Human

Within each of us contains a very special seed, this seed is called Enlightenment. Its desire to come into fruition is always present and never ending as it gently nudges us to become who we innately are, a purified being overflowing with love and compassion. Unfortunately our westernized culture does little to support and cultivate our true essence of Enlightenment. We are taught to go "outside" ourselves for the answers we seek, when it is "within" the light of true wisdom is found. Reiki being a direct energetic avenue to Source, rejoins us to pure wisdom bringing clarity and deepening our spiritual connection to Source. Our seed of Enlightenment receives fortification and impetus to grow and blossom each time we gift ourselves with the life bringing force and intelligence of Reiki. We become aware that the heavy burdens we've been carrying around start to lift creating room for important things such as joy, tranquility and improved health on all levels. Self love becomes a common state of being and we start to feel more refined as a human. This self love and refinement spills out to positively affect every living being we encounter. Suddenly we notice we have more patience and humility, a sense of grace and ease becomes integrated within us, as our approach to life begins to be viewed with eyes of happiness and freedom.

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Diane Larson

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