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Reiki Removes the Mask

Often an unforeseen benefit of Reiki Energy Healing is the returning to our deepest inner essence, who we "truly" are which is an absolute shining star! The masks, our egoic states, which we voluntarily wear pull us away from our true selves thus creating conflicts between our inherent intuition of who we are and our societal learned behavior. Reiki reminds us of our unique identity we were born with that never really leaves us yet gets tucked away deep within the more we try to fit into the norms.

 Reiki encourages the removal of our egoic masks which in turn ignites freedom and liberation cultivating our personal will & power. The clearer we are in knowing who we are helps to spotlight any obstructions hindering self-knowledge making it evident what actions are needed in order to be healthy and content on every level. The energy of Reiki provides support and healing causing a transformative shift to occur bringing us back to our magnificent essence. 


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