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Connection with your Spiritual Self

Reiki is Spiritual Healing

Reiki is a Spiritual Practice. Whatever "Spiritual" means to you, whether it's contemplating the cosmos, finding God, being in nature or simply incorporating mindfulness into your life. We recognize when we feel spiritual, we feel at peace and a sense of connection with "all that is". An inherent knowing all is well occurs when awareness is joined with our Spiritual Self. Dualism dissolves as compassion for all beings takes its rightful place. Reiki opens us up to the Divine, the purified mystery of that which is bigger then us. This is apparent during and after receiving Reiki. We feel that something special and important has happened, but can't quite express in words. This is one of the ways Spiritual Healing is recognized. A profound sense of well-being and elation starts to become prevalent as we go deeper into the roots of Spiritual Healing. When we are acquainted with our Spiritual side our intuitive abilities sharpen and we begin to trust in the wisdom we are being guided towards, since it is during this time we are closely coupled with "Source", whatever our personal belief of "Source" is. "Source" supplies us with the inexhaustible energy of Reiki therefore it only and always works for our Highest Good. As we continually progress to heal our Spiritual Self with Reiki our lives become more of an effortless and enlightened journey.

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