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Reiki Offers Humility and Grace

Humility and Grace

Reiki is a Spiritual Healing Practice in which we learn to eliminate the destructive and self-defeating parts of self, one such part is the negative aspects of ego. Ego is determined to prove itself creating walls of self-importance and unhealthy facets of control as it tries to cloud and ridicule our natural essence of humility and grace. When we feel as if we are pushing too hard to try and achieve something or gain possessions it is at times the ego at work not allowing the organic flow of life to proceed. Trusting in the process of Life terrifies the ego as its need to be right above all else starts to exemplify in ugly and harmful ways. With non-judgment of self ask Reiki when in question "does this serve my Highest Good".

Reiki continually instills self-love, intuitive guidance and profound peace, the negative aspects of ego begin to wither away as we tune into and become aware of its destructive ways. We begin to trust in the goodness of all the healing we are experiencing with Reiki as we become more in touch with our deeper selves. Once the connection is made and remains unbroken with our deeper selves there is no room nor desire for the devastation ego can bring.

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