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Reiki and Forgiveness

Amid the thousands of Reiki Treatments I've administered over the many years, one theme repeatedly surfaces within a person's healing journey, forgiveness. Predominantly the reluctance or inability to forgive someone who has wronged us or forgiving ourselves from past folly, is frequently a central driving force keeping us stuck in the state of dis-ease, whether on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels. Sometimes we gain a false sense of "power" when we cling onto the notion of holding a grudge but in reality we are forming blocked energy which can be very stubborn in nature and a bit challenging to dislodge and release.

Resentment, anger, passive aggressiveness, blaming and feeling righteous or entitled are all the damaging byproducts of embodying unforgiveness, thus creating a destructive mind set which can overexaggerate our self-absorption. An overabundance of self-absorption causes much pain and suffering and makes it hard for us to place ourselves in the shoes of those we are not willing to forgive. The unhealthy energy ignited by not allowing ourselves to forgive is often the most tenacious and stationary blocked energy we hold, yet is some of the most crucial we relinquish in order to remove the unhealthy holding patterns. Repeatedly within people's healing processes forgiveness is the very last obstacle and issue they are willing to abandon. Once forgiveness is complete, healing accelerates and more concrete & lasting positive results take effect.


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