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Reiki Brings Personal Change

One thing is certain, Reiki creates positive change in one's life. The elimination of blocked energy on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual layers begins to form "space" and creates a "gateway" for implementing all that is conducive to our personal evolution and happiness. We start to feel freed up of what has bogged us down, and at times not realizing we were in such a state of suppression and stagnation, until we feel the favorable effects of Reiki.

Reiki initiates "movement" in a person, animal and situation. This movement goes deeper then surface attributes, it works at the origin of what is holding us back from optimum health on every level. Personal change is imminent at this stage, we recognize where we've been, hopefully without self-judgment for judging oneself creates energetic blocks, and gain a clear vision of who we truly are and where we want to be. At this point it's plainly evident to us if we slip and regress back to what wasn't serving our greatest good, since self love & respect elevates during our Reiki Healing Process. Our out outdated ways no longer feel good or bring us pleasure as they used to.

Change is unavoidable. Rest assured knowing the change Reiki initiates will serve our Highest Purpose as this Universal Life Energy diligently expels what no longer works for us and never really has. As we relinquish our illusionary sense of control, which is often the cause of our unhealthy patterns, and learn to trust in the finely tuned intelligence of Reiki, we become more refined as a human, embarking upon a path of joy and peace.

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