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Letting Go

As the Autumn Season swiftly approaches, it asks us to let go of what is holding us back. Autumn, the great teacher of "relinquishing" and "dispersion", demonstrates this with the ease of unencumbered grace. The totality by which it completes its task shows us we too can do the same, surrendering effortlessly just like the simplicity of falling leaves.

Reiki excels at removing what no longer serves us and often never really did. So often we allow ourselves to get "stuck" in unhealthy holding patterns simply because we are habitually used to them, at times clinging to our outmoded ways of being like an unhealthy security blanket.

As Reiki begins to foster "trust" in ourselves "non-judgment" of self and ultimate "self-love", we start to understand some of our ways are a mere hindrance to our full potential as a healthy, fulfilled and joyful being. At this point we can become a beacon of light for others struggling in their outmoded ways, inspiring by "being" the example. 


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