Detoxify with Reiki

One important benefit of Reiki is its detoxifying process. Reiki is highly detoxifying on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual levels. Reiki surfaces blocked energy on all these levels and removes it. As Reiki begins its diligent removal procedure, toxins may start to release and can manifest in detoxification outcomes such as mild flu like symptoms or whatever may be your "way" of detoxifying, this means Reiki is doing its earnest work! At times these toxins may be rooted in trauma or abuse, which can intensify the flu like symptoms. If you encounter Reiki detoxification it's important to keep pouring in the Reiki whether though self treatment or receiving treatment, since Reiki is a cumulative healing process. Reiki detoxification does not occur for everyone, only when needed. Whether you experience detox with Reiki or not, Reiki is always working diligently to remove energetic blocks, revitalize and balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

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Diane Larson

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