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Insomnia, Reiki and The Subconscious Mind

Our conscious mind is the "intellectual/aware" part of our brain, our subconscious mind is our "emotional/irrational" part. The conscious mind does not like to suffer emotionally so it locks in any painful memories that it does not want to retrieve and recall into the subconscious mind, with retrieval to be avoided on a conscious level. Even though the conscious mind has avoided remembering a traumatic event, it continues to be driven by it as it only takes one of the five senses to be activated in the present to trigger the emotions of the event.

As the conscious mind cannot make sense of the traumatic emotional memory from an

event that is locked into the subconscious, it will then attribute it to whatever is happening in the present moment. Hence, post-traumatic stress occurs and manifests in these excessive emotional reactions in the present without any knowledge

of their true source and can manifest in depression, anxiety, dissociative states,nightmares, insomnia, anger, aggression and many other symptoms. ~You may be asking what does the subconscious mind have to do with Reiki?~ A lot! Working with many clients and students over the years, we often find the root cause of their unwanted "symptoms" is emotional/mental blocked energy they've been suppressing throughout our lifetimes that has "leaked" out in the form of ailments of the mind, body, spirit and/or emotions . This emotional/mental blocked energy is stored in various sections of the body, mind, spirit and/or emotions. The subconscious mind is a powerful and secretive "storehouse" for painful emotions and traumatic experiences which manifests as blocked energy. This is where Reiki comes in! Reiki surfaces this emotional and mental blocked energy wherever it may be located, often the real painful and traumatic emotions are lodged in the subconscious mind, and dissolves it, thus alleviating the unwanted "symptoms". As mentioned blocked energy can be suppressed anywhere in the body, mind, spirit and emotions, but for this article we will be focusing on the subconscious mind. ~Now how about the Reiki and insomnia part of all this?~ When we go to sleep at night an awareness and opening of our subconscious mind occurs, surfacing all sorts of worry, anxiety, anger, fear, depression and trauma, whether we consciously are aware of this or not, waking us up or keeping us up in a state of "alert" or "uneasiness". Hence the inability to sleep soundly through the night. The key here is to discover the "triggers" that keep you up at night, is it fear, worry, depression or any of the many other undesirable emotions, and then take it a step further by pinpointing the "cause" of the undesirable emotions. As Reiki works diligently to heal the "cause" the insomnia diminishes. There is always a "cause" for these heavy emotions, after all worry just doesn't magically appear. This is why typically after receiving Reiki Treatments you sleep deeper and more sound then usual. ~Once you recognize the cause of the "triggers" or the "triggers" themselves, as a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner you can send Distant Reiki Treatments to the actual unwanted emotion or cause to heal itself on every level. First Degree Reiki Practitioners as you begin your Reiki Self Treatment, ask Reiki to please heal the heavy emotions/causes disturbing your sleep. If you're not Reiki Trained yet you may ask Reiki as you begin to receive your Reiki Treatment. It has probably been many years of suppressing emotional and mental energetic blocks, we can get real creative in disguising and ignoring our emotional upsets or traumatic experiences, which creates "layers" to the ailment or symptom as well as a stubborn barrier, this is why it generally takes quite a few Reiki Treatments to dislodge and heal the deepest root origins of our ailments in order to obtain lasting healing results. These are the beautiful workings of Reiki!~

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