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Reiki Works in Perfect Timing

Reiki has perfect timing

Our modern day lives spin at an accelerated rate of busyness as the pressure we place upon ourselves to continually stay productive gets to be unbearable and unhealthy, the crucial virtue of patience gets lost in the whirlwind of constant activity. Things just don't happen quick enough for our preoccupied mind, we find ourselves in the hurried thought pattern of always planning our next move. The essential simplicity of just "being", relishing in the moment, is a forgotten art. Allowing and trusting in our natural evolutionary process of life requires relinquishing our illusion of control, this holds true for our expectation in the "timing" of our Reiki Healing Process. Reiki is "limitless" providing an infinite source of healing energy. Our minds our "limited" only delving as far as we instruct them to. When amidst our personal healing process with Reiki we often think we know "where" we should be at in terms of symptom/pain removal. This just isn't the case, since Reiki's knowledge of healing far exceeds our limited mind, knowing exactly the amount and which layer of blocked energy needs to be addressed during each treatment. Be assured Reiki always targets the origin of our unwanted symptoms/ailments as it works in the highest priority needed to obtain lasting results. ~Be confident in the impeccable "timing" of Reiki!~

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