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Reiki Brings Strength Rooted in Love

Often in our lives and in others we notice inner strength sourced in anger, ego, fear, and other unhealthy emotions/states. When the origin of this strength is rooted in these emotions/states it eventually begins to take a toll on our overall health leaving us feeling drained, upset, and stressed. When we draw on our inner strength in this manner it depletes us using our important inner reserves and creating difficulty in replenishing this vital energy supply.

With the introduction of Reiki Healing Energy we start to recognize our inner strength is rooted in love. Each time we administer Reiki we are filling ourselves with the Sacred Love of Reiki, this love permeates throughout our bodies revitalizing and grounding us in a lasting fashion. Inner strength founded in love creates states of well-being, peace, fortitude and an unyielding supply of strength that doesn't drain our essential inner reserves. When we are able to draw this inner strength from the energy of love and kindness our lives become more of a pleasurable place to dwell, and we begin to thrive in ways we've longed to!


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